13 March, 2015

Human Rights or Some Human Rights?

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kWritten by Ana Rita Magalhaes

Discrimination appears in all forms and shapes. Truth be told at some point we were all victims and aggressors. So, why do we keep allowing these crimes to happen, when we know the extent of hurt they cause?

The human race is as vast as the universe, and like the universe itself, there are an infinite number of unique traits we don’t yet understand and may never discover. However, there is no reason we can’t appreciate the complexity of the human form and relish on the incredible learnings we can take from each other.

The words Human Rights are explained on their own merit, they don’t reference a particular, gender, race, religion… They exist for all in equal terms, while respecting the specific boundaries and demands of different individuals.
Being aware of our rights and practicing them, gives us the strength, confidence and freedom to act as we truly are.

But let’s not forget our duties, for these are as important as our rights, they provide us the understanding that we are not alone in our rights and sometimes we must act more on our duties, so others’ rights may be respected. I don’t perceive these duties as obligations, I consider them an equilibrium between our demands, our necessities and our responsibilities.

History has proven that we can be wonderful when we unite for what is right, but it show us as well that we can be the most vicious of creatures, in this planet. The battles and suffering has no significance, if we are not able to learn from them and turn it into meaningful actions of equality, respect and the prosperity of human rights for everyone.

Here is where we find the biggest struggle of mankind. How willing are we to give our time, support and concern to other people, fighting for their rights, when we feel ours are already ensured?
I consider the answer to this question still very disappointing. Sure we read / see the news, the campaigns for human rights, we see the protests and maybe we even put a like on a Facebook page, but we should reflect on the many ways we can improve our active advocacy towards the people surrounding us, struggling to live a peaceful, equal, loved and respected life.

Exercising our rights and practicing our duties, is a commitment that for some comes naturally and others require more work, but I believe together we are capable of healing the deep embedded scars, opened through the years. We just need to get through our limitations and make the right choice every day.

Ultimately, we must all understand that a duty is nothing more than a right, from another person’s perspective.

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