10 December, 2016

Human. Rights.

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Written by Silvia Crocittadiversity-faces-mosaic-wernher-krutein

Have you ever thought what does it mean the word “human”? Yes, human.

I open such a topic because today, during an interview I was asked this question, sharply. It may happen that sometimes we do not reflect on those basic things surrounding us, but maybe thinking for a simple moment about those 5 letters could make us realize something deeper. In such a so short moment I thought many things connected in a myriad of colors, smiles, eyes, people I met in the streets while walking or when waiting my flight to take off… And suddenly I realized that, at least for me, human means diversity connected with a right to be different, to be yourself and to be free.

Try for just one moment to close your eyes and repeat in your head: human, human, human… And in just a flash you can see the beautiful smile of your mother when preparing you a coffee, a wonderful moment belonging to friends’ memories, your happy grandpa taking you by hand and leading you for a walk, a new person who opened roads in your life, the eyes of that beautiful girl you crossed the path at the train station, that smiley, black children in the streets who plays with his friends.. And it is in this moment that you realize diversity.

But, could you, for just a moment, think about how would you feel if one of your beloved people or any human get “e-hurt”? Generally speaking, life is a jungle in where everybody of us should have respect for the differences running among various species, but we unfortunately see that sometimes people break such a tiny line, and it is scary. Above all if such “hate” affects the young generations. Close your eyes again, and focus on the same people aforementioned: what have they done to be joked, mocked or bullied? In the majority of the cases, their strength is that they neither answer back such an aggression, but they answer back towards themselves, sometimes in a very extreme gesture. Do you truly think, indeed, they deserve so? The answer is NO.

Hate speech is not an opinion, if we don’t stand against, we stand with, and that is a “human” mission: to protect and care of other humans, as we wish us to get the same.

That is the right to be human, and the human to have the rights.

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