23 May, 2014

HUNGARY: Romas from Kakucs are united to vote

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EU electBy Balint Josa

On May 17 we had our first visit to the Roma community of Kakucs. The weather was just excellent, while in the whole country it was raining heavily. The preparations of the previous visits were successful, the activists already made a great lunch, a version of Goulash soup, that gave us the enough energy for the whole day.

The air castle and face painters attracted first the local children while their parents were curiously looking at the musicians and activists starting the party.

The actual canvassing -telling them the reason of our gathering and the importance of voting and the coming elections- made a quick breakthrough. All the families gathered, engaged with our activists in discussions, told us their opinion and not surprisingly their complaints. We talked and they listened, but we also danced and ate together. The main message of the day was, give us work, and equal opportunities, that we can help ourselves get out our situation. Kakucs is far not the worst village in Hungary, there are far worse places, but even here, the situation of the Roma community is not even close to what it could be. They experienced a really nice, open day, where they could explain to us, how they felt, and the most important part, they found listeners, not discrimination, segregation or hate. They welcomed our message –vote and you can make a difference- and they promised they will go next week and give their opinion also at the elections.


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