19 June, 2016


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syrian-refugee-camp-620x407Written by Luis Bekteshi

As I watched the news day by day, I always saw these sad faces, speaking a language that I could not understand, feeling something that I do not know. Every day there was news about new refugees reaching the European countries that they so much heard of and want to be at. What is it about these countries, which make these people believe that their lives will be better there? That they will have more opportunities… That they will be welcomed…. That they will get their second chance?!

I do not know why they would risk their lives and take such a long trip and I do not think I will be capable of understanding it since I have not experienced such a thing. Every day the endless sea is filled by lost souls seeking a better life but still that does not seem to stop them from taking the trip.

But as we all have seen the hardest part is not the hellish trip they take on for a better life. I believe the hardest part is to see that the trip they took, did not take them to the Promised Land, but rather to the “camps of hell”. Not long ago as I was driving back from work, I heard in the news that in the camps where refugees were gathered, young girls and women who had lost their families to the “treacherous” sea and had no protection, were being used sexually by different groups as means of income. They would offer them protection and food in exchange for them to be used for their benefits. I wonder if these victims of fate ever thought their lives would turn these way. Trapped in iron cages with no means of survivor except being stripped from everything you once believed, or silently still do…

If we thought that things couldn’t get worse, well we are wrong. This can go wrong. Once reaching the European countries, the way people “welcomed” them and treated them is very close to inhuman. Let us not forget the case when a Hungarian journalist thought it was her duty to kick running refugees. As reported by the media 2 of them were refugee children and the other one was holding a child on his arms, when he was kicked and felt down. This is not the only case and many of them do not reach the media attention that the previous example had.

I wonder why should we hate? Why discriminate? Why hurt the one that carry the scars of war? Why hurt the ones that crossed the The Archeron of the Underworld just so they can have an opportunity, just so they could live as Europeans, which they so much highly thought of.

I wonder if they feel same about being in the European countries, as they did before they left their country. I wonder if they have changed once they saw what makes a person European. I wonder if we disappointed them and made them regret they took the trip at all.

What we must think of is that we are all refugees. Life did not start in Germany, Italy, France or any other particular European nation. Humans seek a better life as long as they inhabited this planet. We have always done it and we will always do it. Instead of hate, why not love those in need…why not accept them and embrace them and shows us that their lives will be better….that they are safe now….that horrors of war cant hunt them any longer….

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