12 February, 2014

I LOVE PANDA: We make Internet better by sharing joy on it!

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By Toma Kulbytė

The National Lithuanian campaign I LOVE PANDA is implemented by the NGO ‘National Institute for Social Integration’, which creates and applies social innovations and is working with the human rights promotion and education projects.

The National Lithuanian campaign officially starts on the 20th of February, when the campaign launching event will be held and that is the date the activities of the Campaign will take its active and consistent form. But till then, we’ve already started the promotion of the Campaign with the help of No Hate Panda, ambassador and symbol of the Campaign. Also the educational activities started in relation with International Safer Internet Day.


So what does Panda have to do with human rights?

The Lithuanian National Campaign is based on the ideas and aims of NHSM, but it took its own approach and turned into I LOVE PANDA Campaign.

I LOVE PANDA is the national campaign of joy, which is based upon the values of human rights, positive thinking and active participation of youth. It aims at developing friendly and respectful cyberspace and mutual understanding between young people online. Panda has been chosen to become the symbol and the ambassador of the campaign and is encouraging everybody to build up as much joy and kindness in their everyday lives as possible.

Safer Internet Day-1

How daily joy and kindness is helping to combat hate speech?

The origins of online hate speech are the interactions between humans in real world. Hate speech is the language of unhappy, frustrated individuals, to whom aggressive behavior is an attempt to feel better. Being unhappy themselves they try to spread the feeling and make others miserable. The idea of the Campaign is to promote the joy and positivity instead of anger, hatred and negativity.

Panda is attending public places and events spreading the idea of joy and inviting everybody to transform their negative feelings into positive attitude and become the ambassadors of human rights online and offline also, find the joy in oneself and also share the joy with others. Panda organizes its own educational events, discussions, lessons, even parties with famous Lithuanian people, psychologists and human rights experts in order to publicize the issues the society is facing and to inspire to take action and start the change.

Here you can read more about the Campaign, watch video and browse through some moments of No Hate Panda’s activities:


Safer Internet Day-2

What are Panda’s plans for the 11 February?

Panda is transforming Safer Internet Day into the Safer Internet week! Starting from 10February for the whole week Panda is on a road trip all across the country, visiting schools and educating students about respect to human rights online and offline, encouraging them to create more friendly, respectful Internet content and to not ignore hate speech when they see it. Also giving free hugs and putting smiles onto faces and inspiring everybody to be good to each other and share joy!


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