22 June, 2016

In Refugees’ Shoes – Youth Solidarity Through Media/Art

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aWritten by Sandra Anastasovska, Sanja Stefanovik, Ivona Kuzmanovska  and Petar Antevski

People from distant areas passed through Macedonia searching for their human rights, fleeing from home because of war, and with that the issue of solidarity, international support and awareness towards different cultures and religions was raised as a challenge in front of Macedonian public. For the people from local communities, reasons for war and survival, situation that refugees faced are unfamiliar, where lack of education and information can easily create false assumptions and prejudices.

Therefore, Youth Educational Forum, through education, creativity and new media have tried to objectively bring the issue to the public and to foster solidarity. The project ‘In Refugees’ Shoes – Youth Solidarity Through Media/Art’ has as a main objective to initiate an open discussion around the topic of refugees and call for solidarity with these people. Through learning, participants had an opportunity to understand their role as individuals, or to learn how they can directly help people affected by the refugee crisis. The project was consisted of four workshops in the period from March to May, in which more than 80 young people aged 16 to 25 years were included.

bThe first part of the trainings consisted of lectures in the field of human rights, anti-discrimination, anti-xenophobia, migration, international protection and current challenges. The participants of the trainings worked with experienced field workers on this topic. Their lecturers were Jasmina Golubovska, associate from Fondation Open Society MMacedonia, Mersiha Smailovik form Legis, Zoran Drangovski from the Macedonian Young Lawyers Association and the social worker Jasmina Duric with a workshop on sociodrama.

Within the trainings participants were given the opportunity to engage in workshops on performance art, photography, video production and street art techniques. Participants in the training worked with experienced trainers in the field of art and new media. The group of performing arts was led by actress Natalija Teodosieva, the group of photography worked with photographer Robert Atanasovski, the group of video production worked with director Stefan Palitov, while the group of street art work with Hrom, Ruki, SRK, Drash and Inna which are street artists from Skopje.

cSome of the participants had the chance to visit the refugee camp Vinojug where they had a chance to see first hand about the lives of the refugees staying in Macedonia. Participants were inspired to use testimonials of refugees, in some particular cases conducting interviews with refugees, creating personal stories about refugees struggle, and creating products where refugees perspective was considered.

Following the four trainings, the second part of the project was consisted of a multimedia exhibition, made of all the artistic pieces created during the trainings. Famous and prominent Macedonian artists were responsible for creation of the exhibition and took participation and contributed with their views and artworks on the topic of refugees’ rights, challenges and future. The event took place in Skopje on 26.05 in Public room and was open to the public for more than 10 days, with the goal to raise awareness and debate over the situation that refugees are facing, their struggles and needs. The exhibition was visited mostly from the youth, but general public also and offered different ways of learning about refugee struggles through the products and creations of the participants. In total more than 50 art products were produced and exhibited, including photographs, videos, performance and an installation of a board game about the road of the refugees. More than 300 people visited the exhibition.


Link from the album containing the photos of the event:


Link from the photographs taken in Refugee camp „Vinojug“


Links from the videos of the video training:





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