5 February, 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: Competences for Democratic Culture

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Bookmarks másolataThis is an infographic made by one of our great activists, Diana Fazlitdinova based on the concepts found in the Council of Europe publication COMPETENCES FOR DEMOCRATIC CULTURE Living together as equals in culturally diverse democratic societies (2016).

This includes the conceptual model of the competences which need to be acquired by learners if they are to participate effectively in a culture of democracy and live peacefully together with others in culturally diverse democratic societies.

Contemporary societies within Europe face many challenges, including declining levels of voter turnout in elections, increased distrust of politicians, high levels of hate crime, intolerance and prejudice towards minority ethnic and religious groups, and increasing levels of support for violent extremism. These challenges threaten the legitimacy of democratic institutions and peaceful co-existence within Europe. Formal education is a vital tool that can be used to tackle these challenges. Appropriate educational input and practices can boost  emocratic engagement, reduce intolerance and prejudice, and
decrease support for violent extremism. However, to achieve these goals, educationists need a clear understanding of the democratic competences that should be targeted by the curriculum. The Council of Europe has produced a new conceptual model of the competences which citizens require to participate in democratic culture and live peacefully together with others in culturally diverse societies. The model is the product of intensive work over a two-year period, and has been strongly endorsed in an international
consultation with leading educational experts. It provides a robust conceptual foundation for the future development of curricula, pedagogy and assessments in Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education. Its application will enable educational systems to be harnessed effectively for the preparation of students for life as engaged and tolerant democratic citizens.


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