4 April, 2014

Good Online Content about and for Roma people

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For the occasion of the European Action Day for Solidarity with the Roma on 8th April 2014 the No Hate Speech Movement has collected several websites that are promoting Roma culture and Roma people in a postitive way. These are the online places where you can read information, news and facts that can change the negative stereotypes about Roma people. The Movement is inviting all people who whish to give respect and dignity to the Roma people just like to any other human being, and others who wish to challenge their own stereotypes and perjudices to visit these sites and read and see what and how they can change.   Judging people by their look, by their origin or by any characteristics is a misleading deed. Spreading stereotypes contributes to the segregation of these people. Remaining silent when hearing or reading hate speech against Roma people is supporting discrimination and taking away chances from Roma people who want to live peacefully and happily as anyone else.


Famouse Roma People. In this page we present some famous people who are/were Roma or have/had Romany ancestry.

“I am a Roma Woman” Campaign. “We are Roma women who wish to build a movement powered by us Roma women to shape our own image and empower ourselves and our communities as we share our experiences, our view of current issues, our vision of the future. “

Romedia Foundation Website. The website contributes to a positive perception of Romani ethnic identity, combats anti-Roma prejudice, and provids alternative information to policy makers on Roma through the production of films and videos, international multi-media campaigns, and public events.

The Crime of Being Roma. It is a powerfull piece of writing about the situation of the Roma population in Europe.  It belongs to Open Society Foundation website.

The Roma and Open Society.  Who are the Roma? How large is the Roma population in Europe, and what challenges do Roma face? How have Roma been excluded from society? How are the Open Society Foundations partnering with Roma to support change? This page of the Open Society Foundation tries to answer these questions and explains how they work to support Roma people in Europe.

The Roma Initiatives Office website. It provides grants, fellowships, and training to stimulate Roma community participation and active citizenship, empower Roma women and youth, and combat anti-Roma discrimination.

The Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005–2015. This site explains what this initiative  is about and provides information about the partners, events and programmes. The initiative is an unprecedented political commitment by European governments to eliminate discrimination against Roma and close the unacceptable gaps between Roma and the rest of society. The Decade focuses on the priority areas of education, employment, health, and housing, and commits governments to take into account the other core issues of poverty, discrimination, and gender mainstreaming.

Colorful but Colorblind. Roma Beyond Stereotypes. It is a project aimed at remedying anti-Roma stereotyping through the creative use of multimedia in reporting minority issues in new member states of the European Union in Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia) and internationally. The website is full of interesting and powerful video stories of Roma people in English and local languages.

European Roma Survey Results. The survey documented the situation on the ground, providing policy makers with the necessary evidence for designing effective policy responses to address the situation of the millions of Roma who continue to face discrimination and social exclusion across the EU. The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) has made it possible for users to readily explore the results from a survey into the socio-economic situation of Roma and non-Roma living nearby in 11 EU Member States.

Dosta! Enough! Go beyond prejudice, meet the Roma! This is the website of the campaign of the Council of Europe for the Roma people. Through this website, the Council of Europe would like to collect expectations in order to make this campaign the project of all those who would like to join it and to give their contribution to its implementation. This site contains information and news about Roma culture, anti-gypsyism and about interesting policies, events.

Baxtalo’s Blog.  This is a blog in Spanish language dedicated against romaphobia and anti-gypsyism.  BLOG DEDICADO A LA INTERCULTURALIDAD Y LA LUCHA CONTRA LA ROMAFOBIA Y EL ANTIGITANISMO

RomaReact   This website is about inclusion of Roma people. The site is connecting people through  an interactive multimedia mapping platform that allows people to share everyday Roma realities and to challenge the stereotypes and prejudices that Roma face. Through this the inititative wants to build a global online community seeking social change and justice. The site contains reports of local incidents, news and information about problems that Roma people face in Europe.

No Prejuicios Campaign  This is an Spanish platform against stereotypes about Roma people and hate speech within media and Internet. The campaign was launched by Kamira, the Spanish romani women federation, and has been joined by a great number of organizations, institutions and civil society groups and individuals.



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