9 April, 2018

IS THIS IT?… Programme of evaluation campaign conference

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Ruxandra Pandea
9 pm
group photo

group photo

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Arrival of participants

9:30 Welcome spaces

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Opening of the conference with:

14:30 Introduction of the participants and the conference programme

15:00 Did we do it? Presentation of the findings of the external evaluation of the No Hate Speech Movement youth campaign (2016-17) with Hana Bendova, external evaluator

15:30 Reflection on the evaluation findings and feedback on recommendations (working groups)

17:20 Feedback from the working groups

17:35 Address by Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe

19:00 Dinner and social programme

Wednesday 11 April

09:15 Opening and introduction of the day’s programme

09:30 Hate Speech, Human Rights and IT today

10:45 What next? Reflection on achievements, present issues and future steps to address them – in working groups

12:15 Departure to the Council of Europe headquarters

12:45 Group photo and lunch at the Council of Europe headquarters

14:45 This was it! Great ideas, plans, activities, tools and stories of campaigning – and bad ones too! Participants-led sessions on:

  1. Human Rights Education – Learning from practices in education to counter and prevent hate speech
  2. Media and Hate Speech – literacy, journalist training, guidelines and codes of conduct
  3. Campaigning with and for groups targeted by hate speech – from thematic approaches to coalitions to counter hate speech and protecting human rights for all
  4. Sexism and Gender Equality online – the campaign’s contribution now and in the future
  5. Youth work – Youth initiated, led and implemented activities at grass-roots level
  6. Online Safety for and by youth – Approaches and practices to encourage online safe behaviour of children and youth
  7. The Internet and Hate Speech – Engaging with Internet businesses and others for effective addressing online hate speech
  8. Policy and legislative action on hate speech – political and society support for legislative and policy measures on hate speech and discrimination
  9. We CAN! – CAN We?– from learning to using counter and alternative narratives to Hate Speech narratives as a campaign tool.

18:00 Feedback on the day and plenary closing

19:30 Reception and activity at the City Hall of Strasbourg, with Nawel Rafik-Elmrini, deputy to the Mayor of Strasbourg

Dinner in town (self-organised)

Thursday 12 April

09:15 Opening and introduction of the day’s programme

09:30 Moving forward -working groups on the continuation of the movement by national campaigns, partners and activists

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 We’ll do it! Conference conclusions and guidelines for future work on combatting hate speech for the Council of Europe, national campaigns, partners and activists in working groups

12:45 Lunch

14:30 Working groups continue

15:30 Plenary presentation and feedback on guidelines

16:30 Break

17:00 We did it! Presentation of Conference conclusions and guidelines

Celebrative closing of the European youth campaign with:

18:00 Closing reception

19:30 Fancy Love Speech party

Friday 13 April

Departure of participants

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