17 February, 2017

Label sexist hate speech online!

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Category: gender equality, sexist hate speech
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The No Hate Speech Movement is calling for action on the Internet. From today on in all 2017 we are inviting all cyber citizens to label sexist hate speech content online by using this easy online image. If you find any text, picture, video, meme, image that can be considered sexist hate speech please post/tweet/comment this label next to the content. Please feel free to download the image and use it freely.

AD CSHS final_1

What is sexist hate speech? Sexist hate speech targeting women has been referred to in several terms such as “sexualised hate speech”, “sexist hate speech”, “cyber gender harassment”, or “cybersexism”. The aims are to humiliate and objectify women, to destroy their reputation and to make them vulnerable and fearful. It is a form of social shaming, spreading the message that the women are not full human beings. Gender-motivated hate speech creates, reinforces and perpetuates a gender-based hierarchy in public places. Sexist hate speech builds on narratives reaffirming gender stereotypes which justify gender discrimination and sexism. It can take a form of any online expressions including: text, video, photos, images etc.


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