30 August, 2017

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Let’s start a conversation…

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Post_action day_proposal 1-page-001WHAT CAN YOU DO ON 21 SEPTEMBER?

On 21 September, the International Day of Peace, the No Hate Speech Movement calls for positive dialogue with Muslims in Europe. A dialogue that can challenge and decrease stereotyping and judgement, and strengthen counter and alternative narratives that debunk hate speech and its underlying xenophobic narrative. The No Hate Speech Movement builds on this opportunity to promote positive narratives about Muslims and their human Rights. Dialogue and inter-religious tolerance are cornerstones to bridge divides in society,  challenge hate speech that fuels conflicts, and work towards peace. Let’s start the conversation…

Ideas for offline actions and activities that can be organised with and for young people on the occasion of the International Day of Peace on 21 September 2017.

  • Promotion of dialogue, for example an open doors at the local mosque or invitation to have a tea/coffee together with Muslims in the community
  • Visit a Mosque and challenge your own stereotypes
  • Inter-religions activities among different faith groups, with the support of local churches of different religions including Muslim people.
  • Educational activities on Faith and Inter-religious dialogue, for example from the educational manuals Bookmarks or Compass:

Night of Temples in Poland - fot. Filip Błażejowski and Alicja SzulcAs an example the No Hate Speech Movement in Poland organised the Night of Temples twice in Poland. Activists in Poland for European Action Day Against Religious Intolerance and Islamophobia (UN World Peace Day) invited communities associated with the various temples to prepare cultural and educational programs about their religions and confessions – presentations of prayers, principles of faith, workshops, tours, lectures on the history of religion, film screenings, concerts, discussions, exhibitions and unique refreshments. It was all about the possibility of a direct meeting with people from communities, learning about their traditions and customs, as well as visiting places of worship to which there is limited access every day. Night of Temples was organized first in 2015 and was visited by more than 2 thousand people in Warsaw. Second edition was joined by second city – Poznan and was visited by almost 4 thousand people. Third edition is planned for 25 temples and 3 cities: Warsaw, Poznan and Krakow!

Details in Polish:

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