14 June, 2017

Lithuania: Critical Thinking and Media Literacy programs (2016-2017)

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training 2Monday 12 June 2017 marked a significant milestone for the campaign in Lithuania, as we celebrated the end of the Critical Thinking and Media Literacy programs (2016-2017).

The programs ran for one year and brought together 90 students from 45 schools across Lithuania. The programs consisted of two five day trainings and then the much anticipated ‘Critical Thinking Festival’.

The first training was designed to introduce the participants to the following topics: human rights, media literacy, hate speech, stereotypes and propaganda. The second training focused on encouraging the participants to use their newly acquired knowledge to make a difference and create social action. The participants were given the tools and methods to share their knowledge among their peer group. The participants were also introduced to the activities and exercises in ‘Bookmarks’ and shown how they could use them in activities among their peer groups.

Critical Thinking FestivalThe yearlong programs ended with the ‘Critical Thinking Festival’. The festival brought together all the participants from both programs and gave them an opportunity to use their newly acquired skills and knowledge to create an event which focused on the topics of hate speech, human rights, discrimination and stereotypes. During the event the participants had an opportunity to visit the National Radio and TV Studios, a national newspaper (15min.lt) and a popular radio studio (Žinių Radijas). They also met awarding winning journalists Berta Tilmantaitė and Domas Burkauskas, were introduced to the creative world of data journalism and had an opportunity to participate in a forum theatre.

Although the program has ended, it’s not all over! The participants from the 2016/2017 program will act as mentors for the 2017/2018 program.


training 4Here are the some of the results we’ve achieved during the year:

  • 300 activities were organised
  • 16 school lectures
  • 7 five day trainings
  • 5 ‘Human Library’ events, and
  • 5 of our participants published their own articles, based on the themes explored, in national media

training 8 training 7

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