13 January, 2017

local project about NO HATE in Campina, Romania

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The whole project is a focus on youth participation and co-management. It was born from a proposal of the local youth representatives inspired by No Hate Speech Movement by European Council and by the youth conflicts which happen in our local high schools based on bullying, ethnic backgrounds and social issues.
The project provide to young people and teachers competences necessary to recognize and is designed to raise awareness of the hate speech problem, change attitudes towards it and mobilize young people to act against it. In our local community we have 5 high-schools and in all of them, based on the testimonies of our members, every day there are small (and sometimes big) conflicts between youngsters based on Hate Speech (bullying, ethnic backgrounds and social issues). By this project we will address both to the victims but also to the offenders in 2 stages: first, in cooperation with the teachers, we will go in their environment (school) to promote No Hate Speech and to make them understand what is it, the effects and how we can fight against and in the second step we will invite youngsters in our environment (youth club) to learn and practice more about the methods for fighting against No Hate Speech. The 2 stages are very connected because the first one help us to reach more youngsters (the activities are done during classes so they have to be presents) and give us the chance to have both sides presents (victims and offenders). By this opportunity, we will motivate youngsters to be part of the second stage, which will be held in local youth center and to work more on this subject using non-formal education. The project is design in 3 steps (Preparation, Implementation and Dissemination with Follow-up) for a 5 months period (15.12.2016 to 15.05.2017) and will involve around 100 participants with the age from 16 to 18 years old and 5 teachers.

Url: https://noforhate.wordpress.com/

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