31 July, 2017

“Look beyond the Label”

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Category: News from the activists
Campaign Activist
2 pm

The youth exchange “Look beyond the Label” ( 1-11 June, Georgia)  brought together 31 young people from different countries facing different obstacles of the gender equality coming from their social, cultural or other barriers in order to speak out about topic and to empower their inclusion and leadership for violence prevention. It supported to build the capacity and awareness of gender equality and to explore the background(s) of the diversities of gender perception in different countries.

The participants visited different places in Georgia, arranged different activities, met locals and spoke up against violence and promoted equality.

The participants organized a campaign- NO HATE

It was organized

  • Flash Mob with different actions.
  • Silent performances to make awareness of the inhabitance that ignorance and lethargy is part of violence;

The project was granted by Dutch NA, Erasmus+

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