13 December, 2016

Meeting of National Campaign in Azerbaijan

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Meeting of national campaign in Azerbaijan for Human Rights online Action Dayaz

by Aysun Zeynalov

The meeting of National Committee of “No Hate Speech Movement” Campaign in Azerbaijan was held on 10th December 2016.

The main purpose of the meeting is to organise the acquaintance meeting of the new committee members and to discuss general activity of campaign and future cooperation.

Within the meeting general information on “No Hate Speech Movement” Campaign was given by National Campaign Coordinator-Aysun Zeynalova. This meeting was dedicated to 10th of December-International Human Rights Day. The action plan of the campaign was presented, committee members commented on the activities, gave several proposals, and future cooperation within the campaign was discussed. The Committee consists of 6 youth organizations, the National Assembly of Youth Organizations of Azerbaijan Republic and individual online activists. Since the committee is very diverse each Committee member took the responsibility on each direction: one of the organizations will be working with youth with disabilities, The “Sinema” – union of young directors, will be working on videos and digital side of the Campaign, the Azerbaijani representatives of European Law Students will be working on educational aspects on human rights and so on. In addition, the executive committee was introduced to the national campaign committee and the next meeting date was appointed in the meeting. The members of the Committee have agreed on setting a common communication channel.

List of organizations of the National Committee:

  1. Center for Education for Young People
  2. AIESEC Baku
  3. Young European Friends
  4. Sinema Center
  5. Society for International Cooperation of Azerbaijani Youth with Disabilities
  6. European Law Students – Azerbaijan
  7. National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan – coordinator.

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