25 October, 2016

Mid-year report Campaign in Malta

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Menno Ettema
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The campaign in Malta is coordinated by Agenzija Zghazagh. The organisation has submitted a mid-year report listing the various activities organised in support of the campaign against Hate Speech by priority area.

Aim:  Raising awareness about the No Hate Speech Campaign among post-secondary school and university students in Malta

  • St. Aloysius’ College

Janmalta-1uary 2016 – The No Hate Speech Campaign was presented to the SAC Sixth Form Students’ Council by one of their members who learnt about it during an activity he had attended outside school.  It was agreed that the Council would disseminate details of this campaign and the message it seeks to promote during an event that would be organised college-wide.

February 2016 –  This took place on the 11th  February 2016 during an activity “Aloysians do it sweetly”.  In collaboration with Agenzija Zghazagh, St. Aloysius chose to organise a Valentine’s Day activity with amalta-2 difference. The No Hate Speech Movement was introduced as an international movement which aims to provide a better society for people to feel accepted.  Muffins sponsored by Agenzija Zghazagh were sold with the aim of promoting the No Hate message.  The event took place in the foyer of the school, which was decorated with No Hate posters and the No Hate Heart.  Students could pick up promotional material about the movement from the stand that was set up to sell the muffins.  Students were also urged to share posts and selfies on a group with the chosen hashtag #IMuffinYou.  They could also secretly buy cupcakes for other students and write positive messages on them, including messages against hate speech. A student dressed as Cupid went round the classes, handing out the cupcakes to the unsuspecting students.  The total amount collected from this event was Eur 220.

  • Studenti Demokristjani Maltin

Studenti Demokristjani Maltin is a political student organisation in Malta. Agenzija Zghazagh raised awareness about the No Hate Speech movement in 3 higher secondary schools in collaboration with SDM who were promoting their anti-bullying campaign – Draw The Line at the same time.

  • Sir Mikielang Refalo – Gozo

malta-3The activity took place during 15th and 16th February 2016.  Agenzija Zghazagh provided promotional material for the event.

  • Junior College – Msida

malta-4An activity was organised inside the Junior College Youth Hub on the 22nd February 2016.  SDM presented their DTL survey, while Agenzija Zghazagh introduced and spoke about the No Hate Speech Campaign.  The implications of bullying and hate speech were then discussed during various workshops.



  • MCAST – Maltamalta-6

This joint initiative continued with an event that was held at the MCAST youth hub on the 1st March 2016.  The aim was  to raise awareness and spread knowledge about both campaigns – DTL (SDM) and No Hate (Agenzija Zghazagh) at this institution.

  • University of Malta

malta-7Interactive Installations were held in collaboration with SDM during Time To Stand Up Event against bullying held at University Quadrangle between 7-9th March 2016.

  • GEM 16+

A No Hate activity was organised at this post-secondary institution where young people were given the opportunity to voice their thoughts and concerns about young immigrants and refugees.  Racist attitudes lead not only to violent attacks on foreigners and refugees but also to other forms of discrimination and intolerance. Youth attending Gem16+ had the opportunity to discuss the various attitudes that can be taken when encountering and living near young immigrants and refugees in Malta during workshops which included a testimony by a young refugee living in Malta and a cooking session where various Mediterranean dishes were prepared.malta-8

  • ALP

February 2016 – A whole week of activities was held in this alternative learning programme to promote Valentine’s Day with a difference.  No Hate speech was introduced as a campaign that raises awareness against language that promotes hatred against others that we perceive as different.


Aim : sports and cultural activities as a tool to promote No Hate


  • Kunsill Studenti Universitarji – (University Students Council)

28th April 2016 – Agenzija Zghazagh was present at University to promote the No Hate Speech Movement during an afternoon of sports activities held by KSU.  The activities were held between 10 am and 2 pm at the Quadrangle, a central meeting point at the University for all students, both for those participating in the sports activities and those just watching.

  • The Contribution of Youth Organisations in Sport

2nd May 2016 – A seminar was organised by Agenzija Zghazagh in collaboration with SportMalta as part of the National Sport Forum.  During this seminar, physical activities were proposed as tools that youth workers and youth organisation can use to promote No Hate and intercultural dialogue.

  • ‘Social Integration Through Sport And Culture’

The Gzira Local Council is organising a sports and cultural event, under the patronage of the Minister of Social Dialogue and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Youth and Sports with the aim of building a stronger, more inclusive and more tolerant community towards diversity, through sports.  This in view of the fact that diversity is being experienced and has increased significantly in this community in

recent years.  This event will take place over a period of one week and will culminate in a festival which will be held to mark Universal Children’s Day on 20th November 2016.  The No Hate Campaign has been active in the organisation of this event, and will be present during the festival to encourage those present to continue being activists for this cause, in particular young people.


Aim: Promoting No Hate during detached youth work

malta-5AZ@Xlokk held a cross cultural activity at Pretty Bay in August 2016.  The theme was promoting No Hate through understanding other cultures and their ways of living.





Aim: Supporting the Connect from the Heart Campaign

  • Taking a stand against Hate Speech targeting refugees

To mark World Refugee Day, Agenzija Zghazagh, SOS Malta, Integra, Migrant Women’s Association, African Media Association Malta and Spark 15 joined together for a march to take a stand against Hate Speech targeting refugees.  The Connect from the Heart march started at Valletta and ended at the No Hate Monument at Msida.  The No Hate monument was erected by the Youth Local Council Msida last year, with funds secured from Agenzija Zghazagh as part of its Youth Empowerment Programme.  Present for this march was the American Ambassador in Malta.  March was featured on national newspaper portals



malta-10Youth Organisations and detached youth workers were also encouraged to promote the campaign by posting photos online

  • Marking the International Day of Friendship in collaboration with the Anna Lindh Foundation Malta and St. Venera Local Council

On the 30th July 2016 – to mark the International Day of Friendship the Anna Lindh Foundation Malta Network in collaboration with the Santa Venera Local Council and Agenzija Zghazagh organised a Diversity Focused Event with the aim of promoting dialogue, solidarity and mutual understanding.
During the event, two main activities were organized:

  • A living Library, where books were people and the reading was a conversation! This initiative was designed to build a positive framework for conversations to challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.
  • Connect from the Heart activity, Connect from the heart was promoted as an expression of the importance of fighting hate speech in line with the diversity focused theme.


Aim: Promoting the campaign on local television

malta-11Participated in a TV programme – Access Totali.  Access Totali is sports programme dedicated to boxing.  The aim was to create awareness about this campaign.





Aim: Promoting No Hate through university student organisationsmalta-12

  • March 9 – Participated in University Health Students seminar – ‘LGBT and Healthcare’.  Students present were familiarised with the No Hate Speech Campaign and how their work in this area can be framed in a human rights context in line with the aims of the campaign.
  • October 2016 – Supporting University Law Students policy paper on No Hate.  This paper will be issued in December 2016, but its promotion was launched during Freshers Week on the Aġenzija Żgħażagħ stand.  During Freshers Week, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ also officially presented and distributed its new promotional material intended for this campaign

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