24 November, 2016

„Myliu panda“ remembering International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism

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panda-against-the-hatersWritten by Beatričė Juškaitė

November the 9th, the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism has been marked in a special way by the peaceful and lovely Panda of the National Institute for Social Integration, Lithuania.

First, the Panda took the Living Library to the Lithuanian Jewish Community Center and the “Bagel Shop“, allowing Vilnius citizens to hear from people who usually are associated with heavily stereotyped and stigmatized groups of our societies. A very distinct and special living book was available on that day too – a local rabbi who joined everyone to share his experience.

The Panda also launched her online campaign „Panda against Haters” on that day . It tackled the hate speech in the virtual space promoting human rights and encouraging brave response to antisemitic online speech. The Youth joined Panda’s forces with a great enthusiasm.

“I address the antisemitism with a clear veto. Not only today, yesterday or on 9th of November but always. Al-ways” – claimed one participant of the online campaign, marking her post with #nohatespeech and #takeamint hashtags. People who participated in the campaign online and shared messages bringing visibility to the issue where given symbolic “Myliu Panda” presents and specially for this occasion prepared “No Hate Speech Mints”.

Inline image 1The message of the International Day against Fascism and Antisemitism was also delivered to pedestrians of busiest Vilnius streets by the Panda herself who personally gifted No Hate Speech Movement souvenirs and awareness-raising leaflets.

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