27 October, 2015

Newsletter N° 41, October 2015

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NHSM Newsletter - October 2015

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The No Hate Speech Movement remains a field for learning and for action. Many of the activists and agents of the campaign, young people in the first place, are learning about hate speech, online actions and human rights through this campaign. The organisers themselves have embarked on this learning adventure. This explains much of the enthusiasm that is palpable among campaigners of very diverse backgrounds. It is in this spirit of learning from experience that we want to call upon in the preparations for the next phase of the campaign. The call for “Practices Worth Sharing” will make the experiences available for others to learn from. The third coordination meeting with national coordinators and activists, which will prepare the strategies for the campaigns, is held in the same spirit. Learning and acting together is part of what makes the campaign a movement. The support of the Joint Council on Youth for the campaign in 2016-2017 is an important recognition of the potential of the campaign for learning about human rights online and for valuing young people’s input to a better Europe.


The Joint Council on Youth met in Strasbourg from 12 to 14 October and adopted the concept and strategic orientations for the campaign in 2016 and 2017. As proposed by the Follow-up Group, the renewed campaign will build on the experiences from 2013-2015 and will follow the proposals from the external evaluators and the conference “The End of the Beginning”. The Joint Council has also decided to set up a new Follow-up Group. The concept of the campaign as adopted by the Joint Council on Youth can be found here.


Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland, and CDEJ representative for the French Community in Belgium Laurence Hermand, inaugurated the “No Hate” sculpture on October 13. The sculpture was donated to the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg by the International Youth Office of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The sculpture symbolises the commitment of the activists and supporters of the campaign and the durability of the movement.

Justine De Mesmaeker, the creator of the sculpture spoke of her work: I started off with the logo of the campaign which I find to be simple and strong. Standing upright in space, it is an object that turns with the wind. I chose corten steel as it is resistant to corrosion and has a natural rusting. As it rusts it takes on nice colours and forms. To fight against hate is a similar struggle to that of fighting against corrosion and annihilation.

National Campaigns


The Albanian campaign coordination is organising a No Hate Speech Youth Camp which includes future activists from Albania and from Kosovo*. The first session was held on 12-15 October in Gjilan (Kosovo*), the second session will be  be conducted in Tirana.


The Portuguese campaign held an evaluation and planning seminar last week in Lisbon. Participants expressed their resolve to continue campaigning, enlarging the national committee and opening it up to new activists and creative young people.

The seminar was marked by the experiences of online hate by the vloggers Lorenzo and Pedro and by a Uman Theatre performance.

Watch a video summary of the Main actions of the No Hate Speech Movement campaign in Portugal.


The Swedish government decided to prolong their No Hate Speech Movement campaign in line with the Council of Europe, operated by the Swedish Media Council. One action they are preparing for is the mobilization of “love-bombing” over the internet in preparation for the “No hate day” on 4 November using the hashtag #NoHateSe. They are also currently filming four short documentaries by award-winning director Anders Rune about young people’s digital lives which will be spread throughout November, also under the hashtag #NoHateSe. Click here to find out more about their campaign, where you can also find short podcasts with social media experts, video clips with young digital role models, the No Hate Magazine and methodological materials for teachers.


The Club for Youth Empowerment 018 (KOM 018) from Nis – Serbia is the creator of the “Hate Fighters” programme which supports the No Hate Speech Campaign through creative methods. From 22-24 October, they have organised a set of hip hop (rap) workshops in Nis with 20 young rappers and youths who are at risk. The workshops support young people from vulnerable social groups to express their view regarding social injustice, hate speech and to unite in combatting against it. The project is supported by the European Youth Foundation.


Campaign activists and supporters have united in support against hate speech towards refugees with posts, tweets and multiple reported hate content to refugees on Hate Speech Watch. Click here to see reports, and to make a report yourself click here. Shared by Katarzyna Mortoń, in her support towards refugees, is a very moving piece telling the stories of various individuals at a refugee camp at the Maximilian Park in Brussells, which also includes an emotive video. Read more!


We are collecting good practices of projects and activities that were or are being implemented over the course of the campaign. These practices will inspire future projects for the next 2 years of the campaign. The practices will be made available online and a selection will also be published as a printed publication. Please share your experiences by completing this quick and easy form here.


Amanda Todd committed suicide 3 years ago on the 12th of October due to continuous cyberbullying and her story has been remembered in our campaign video of the Movement. Amanda’s story of being a victim to hate speech and bullying touched many people and sparked much needed public calls to make the cyberspace a safer space for young people. The No Hate Speech Movement calls on everyone to ensure that the online space is respectful of everyone’s dignity and human rights and where hate and bullying are not tolerated or ignored. #nohatespeech


Since the launch of the campaign, more than 77 projects with a local, national and international dimension have been supported by the European Youth Foundation (EYF), in more than 28 member countries of the Council of Europe. In 2015, the EYF supported 12 pilot activities linked to the No Hate Speech Movement with grants totalling € 97,500, and two international activities were supported for a total of € 30,000.

tell mama

We would like to announce Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) as a UK-based partner to the No Hate Speech Movement campaign. Tell MAMA works in the UK as a public service to victims experiencing anti-Muslim hate and violence, and also reports and monitors anti-Muslim incidents. Tell MAMA is  a partner  of the No Hate Speech Movement.


The translation of Bookmarks, the educational manual combating hate speech online through human rights education is available in Montenegrin (Bukmarks). In Greece, the Bodossaki Foundation, operator of the EEA Norway Grants NGO Programme in Greece has published the Greek version of Bookmarks. You can download the version here! Bookmarks is a manual which supports the No Hate Speech Movement and is designed to combat hate speech online and human rights education, through activities aimed for young people aged 13 to 18, its English version is available here.


“act of acquiring new, or modifying and reinforcing, existing knowledgebehaviorsskillsvalues, or preferences…” – Wikipedia.

Favourite quote: I am not young enough to know everything (supposedly from Oscar Wilde, thanks to Youthpass/Learning out of the box).

Social Feeds

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* All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo


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