15 March, 2016

Newsletter N° 45, March 2016

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Together we act! No Sexist Hate Speech

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More actions and measures must be taken to eradicate prejudice, customs and other practices which are based on the idea of the inferiority of women. Sexist hate speech is rampant online, it promotes, incites or justifies the harassment, insulting, negative stereotyping, stigmatising or threatening of a person or persons on the grounds of their sex or gender. This must stop! It is time to act together! Say no to Sexist hate speech!

Gender Equality and Sexist Hate Speech
Gender Equality means an equal visibility, empowerment, responsibility and participation of both sexes in all spheres of public and private life. The reality however is often different, as participants in the seminar on Combatting Sexist Hate Speech highlighted. Sexist hate speech silences women and girls in online social networks, and aims to undermine and discredit the voice of female journalists, politicians and human rights activists. Sexist hate speech can have a strong emotional impact on the victims, and far-reaching impact on their private and community live. The magnitude of the problem and its negative impact on our democratic values is too often underestimated, misunderstood and trivialised.

Want to learn more? Read the Gender Equality Basics blog or the background note on Sexist Hate Speech prepared by the Council of Europe Gender Equality Unit.
Latest News

Join us on the Action day

Joining the action day is simple and easy: on the Campaign platform you will find suggestions on how. Start with adding a twibbon to your Facebook profile picture make clear you reject sexist hate speech on your page. Sexist hate speech affects all of us, share your own story, opinion or support by video or picture image. Help us call out sexist hate speech and report it on the Hate speech watch. You can join an event or organise one on 8 March. You can take inspiration from the examples shared in this newsletter.

Educational materials on Sexist Hate Speech

Participants of the seminar ‘Combatting Sexist Hate Speech’ and online activists have compiled an overview of educational activities from various organisations and institutions that address Human Rights, Gender Equality, sexism and discrimination. For example the Bookmarks activity ‘Changing the Game’, on sexist hate speech in gaming or adoption of ‘Roots and Branches’ to explore the causes and effects of sexist hate speech online.

Ambassador of the Council of Europe No Hate Movement

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe has appointed Anne Brasseur Ambassador of the No Hate Movement. In her role she will continue to promote the work of the Youth Campaign and the No Hate Parliamentary Alliance with political and civil society leaders, Council of Europe partners and the general public. You can follow her on twitter @Anne_Brasseur.
National Campaigns

Cineforum “Do women’s voices matter?”

On 8 March the British organisation Euro-Mediterranean Resources Network is organising the screening of “Trials of Springs”, and a debate on the role of women in promoting social change. The movie tells the stories of nine women fighting for peace. A Cine forum or Cine Club allows, as an offline activity, to raise awareness about several topics in a direct and effective way touching a wider audience thanks to the popularity of movies. Click For more information on organising your own Cineforum.

German Campaign presented

Since February 2016 the New German Mediamakers coordinate the No Hate Speech Campaign in Germany. On 26 and 27 February the No Hate Speech Movement Deutschland was presented at the second national conference of the New German Organisations. About 100 organisations founded by immigrants and their descendants took part in the conference. The 200 participants discussed political strategies for a democratic and diverse Germany that guarantees full participation of all. The organisers stressed that the right to be protected from racism is a fundamental human right. You can find No Hate Speech Movement Deutschland on Twitter and Facebook.

The myths of prostitution

Young Hungarian artists and young institutionalised girls have been working on a project to inform and warn young girls about the threats of prostitution. On 8 March they will organise a Q&A session to de-mystify prostitution. For more on their project visit their Facebook page ArvaAlom.

Photo Competition against Sexist Hate Speech

The Moroccan campaign committee is inviting youth 18-30 years in Morocco to submit creative and striking photo’s that challenge sexist hate speech by 7 march. Click for more information.
Campaign Partners

Poster competition

UNITED is organising for their European Action Week Against Racism around 21 March a poster competition. The posters should cover the theme of “Strength in Diversity” and will be presented in an online gallery to show the diversity that is at the heart of the European antiracist movement.
For more information.
Upcoming Events

Wings to Fly

On 8 March the project Wings to Fly will be concluded with TV charity concert in Helsinki. The project was launched on 8 March last year to raise awareness of girls’ rights, gender-based violence and discrimination in Finland. Famous Finnish artists, actresses and photographers have contributed to the campaign and an inspiring video.

Time for Women

The Kosovar Gender Studies Center will publish their annual special edition for International Women’s Day in the local newspaper ‘Koha’. This year’s focus will be “Gender Equality and European Integration”. The various articles, analyses, and comments are written by human rights activists, gender experts and governmental representatives. The 2016 special edition of Time for women can be found online on 8 March.

Winner of anti-award

Symposium on Hate
Speech in Greece

Czech organisation Gender information centre NORA has during 2015 nominated public figures such as politicians, musicians, and journalists for their sexist speech in the frame of the project “And what about women in Media?”. On 8 March the organisation will announce the winner of the anti-award. Following the announcement on their Facebook or join their event. A two-day Symposium on Hate Speech, organised jointly by the British Council, The Greek Ministry of Education and the University of Piraeus, will take place the on 19 and 20 March 2016 in Athens. The programme includes lectures and workshops covering the issues of Public Speech and Hate Speech, Education and Hate Speech and Psychology and Hate Speech. Symposium participants can borrow books in a living library of experts and activists working on combating hate speech. For more information.
Blog Posts

Twitter account cancelled because sexist hate speech

In Spain the police took action against a 20 year old boy posting sexist hate speech and propagating violence against women on his social platforms. See the Hate Speech report here
Sexist hate speech is the focus of the Hate Speech Watch in March.

Stop Sexist Hate Speech: We can do it together!

The Director General of Democracy, Snežana Samardžić-Marković concludes her opening speech with “It is about working together…It’s about joining our forces to achieve real gender equality. This is not an impossible goal. We can do it!”
You can read her full speech and see the video report check here.

Dutch Deputy Prime minister had enough with Hate Speech

In a Facebook post on 9 February, Mr. Lodewijk Asscher, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands, gave a detailed and sarcastic response to hate speech posts he receives. Read more.
Word of the moment


an unwanted verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct for a person or persons related to particular characteristics, that has the purpose or effect of violating the dignity and of creating an intimidating, hostile, offensive or neglecting environment for the latter.

“Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking or so brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity; the female sex.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Social Flow

“There is no one issue life! When we talk about feminism, sexism, gender equality we must also talk about all other discriminated groups.”
“We must own our privacy. The code is power. We need to own the code.”
Valentina Pellizzer, OneWorld, Sarajevo

Posted by No Hate Speech Movement on 11 February 2016.

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No Hate Speech DE (@NoHateSpeechDE) on 23 February 2016.

My motto as Ambassador of the @coe No Hate Campaign: LET’S BE STRONGER THAN RACISM, FEAR AND HATE! @nohate_speech

#noplace4hate #noracism

Anne Brasseur (@Anne_Brasseur) on 23 February 2016.


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