20 July, 2016

Newsletter N° 48, July 2016

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Eric Miller
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Empathy and solidarity
with victims of hate crime

Hate knows no nationality, religion or ethnicity. Hate kills innocent people of various nationalities, beliefs and origin. Hate has claimed the lives of 84 people in Nice and left many more wounded. We mourn all the victims of hate. And we honour them by combating and preventing hate crime and hate speech. They are not inevitable.

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On 22 July we commemorate the attacks in Oslo and Utoya which five years ago claimed the lives of 77 people in the name of extreme right ideology and racist hatred. The attacks inspired the creation of the No Hate Speech Movement campaign and the mobilisation of activists and partners against hate speech.

Contemporary European realities demand urgent action: only in the wake of the recent referendum in the United Kingdom, the police reported a rise by 57% in hate crime reports. In many other countries, hate crimes are underreported, not prosecuted and not punished.

“Racism isn’t an academic thing, it is a lived experience” said British comedian Ana Vidal; confirming the feeling of many victims of hate crime of being met with mistrust rather than support, with disbelief rather than acknowledgement of the experience they’ve lived through, with ignorance rather than actions to ensure justice.

Empathy with the victims and targets of hate crime is essential for democratic societies and it should inform further collective action in acknowledging the persistent expressions of racism and discrimination and the need for measures to assure equality in dignity and safety for all.

Action Day

22 July: European Day for Victims of Hate Crime

We invite everyone to take action on 22 July: from small actions online to organising educational activities, commemorations and awareness-raising. It all matters and it all makes a difference. The purpose of this day is to remember and recognise the suffering of all hate crime victims and raise public awareness about hate crime, its causes and consequences and states’ obligations to ensure a society where everyone’s human dignity is respected and human rights can be equally exercised.

Actions you can do:

1. Add this Twibbon image to your social media profile photo

2. Organise an offline commemoration action

3. Read and share the victims’ stories on the No Hate Blog

4. Share the 10 hints for victims and witnesses

5. Join the Movement by uploading your photo

More hints in the campaign blog!


Rights in the Digital Age

The Statement of the Chair of the Fundamental Rights Agency, which summaries the conclusion of the Fundamental Rights Forum (Vienna, 20-23 June), has a chapter dedicated to human rights in the digital age. The statement recognises that online hate speech “is becoming an increasing challenge to the enjoyment of fundamental rights online” and calls for a focus on education and awareness-raising to combat it. These have all been campaign points for the No Hate Speech Movement, which was also present at the forum in Vienna.

Call for New media entrepreneurs

The Council of Europe launched a call for application for new media entrepreneurs and journalists interested to work on diversity and inclusion in the media. The mentoring programme will test a new approach to rendering the media landscape in Europe more inclusive and balanced with regard to cultural diversity. More information and application form at: www.coe.int/diva

Youth Peace Camp 2016

In 2016 the Youth Peace Camp pays particular attention to the role of hate speech in armed conflict and connects with the No Hate Speech Movement campaign. The camp engages young people and youth organisations from conflict regions in dialogue and conflict transformation activities based on human rights education and intercultural learning during and after the camp. The programme includes joint sessions on the No Hate Speech Movement with participants of the Seminar on Social inclusion of refugee students.

National Campaigns

Launch of the campaign in Germany

On 29 June the campaign was officially launched in Berlin, Germany. Manuela Schwesig, German Minister for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth, highlighted in her speech that the No Hate Speech Movement Deutschland signals rejection of hatred and violence and supports people that promote democracy, oppose hatred and discrimination – both online and offline. The event was attended by the Council of Europe Ambassador of the No Hate Speech Movement Anne Brasseur, the Vice president of the Bundestag and representatives of youth and human rights organisations. On 22 July, for the occasion of the Action Day, the German campaign will launch its official website: https://no-hate-speech.de/.

Creation of a National Committee in Romania

The Ministry of Youth and Sport of Romania is finalising the creation of a National Campaign Committee, which will be composed of 7 members representing youth organisations. It will be a consultative body of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, as part of the Consultative Council on Youth Issues. The first meeting of the committee will be on 25 July 25. More info’s are to be found here.

Flashmob in Yerevan

Some 100 young people, Armenians and international participants at the seminar “The power of intercultural and interreligious dialogue” are expected at a flashmob in Yerevan in support of the victims of hate crime. On 22 July, naturally.

Belgium: Workshop on counter-narratives

In August, Belgium – French-speaking campaign – will organise a workshop on developing counter and alternative narratives to hate speech.

Ukraine: Youth against hate

Youth from 14 regions of Ukraine took part in Art-Action “Youth against Hate” and visited cities at the “front-line” on the East of Ukraine. The Association of KVN of Ukraine, with support of Ministry of youth and sport of Ukraine organised a bus-tour to Berdyansk, Mariupol and Sviatogirsk. Between 24th and 29th of June those cities hosted trainings on Bookmarks, concerts, photo and video exhibitions in order to celebrate Day of Youth and promote No Hate Speech Campaign. Breaking stereotypes and prejudices is a long lasting process. Take a look at the photos.

Campaign Partners

Francophonie and the campaign

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Francophonie met in Madagascar in the presence of Anne Brasseur, ambassador of the No Hate Speech Movement campaign. The assembly adopted an advice calling, among others, the International Organisation of the Francophonie and its member states to “reinforce cooperation with the Council of Europe in combating hate speech and in promoting the participation of young people by raising their awareness of human rights in view of combating all forms of intolerance”

AICEM: Only love speech crowdfunding

No hate words, only love speech” is a crowd funding campaign launched by the Italian NGO AICEM on July 4th due to the increase of online hate speech, online racist comments and fierce words. It aims at making the fight against online hate crimes sustainable and with tangible results in the medium and long run.

La Valletta: “Words matter”

Maltese organisations, including Agenzija Zghazagh, SOS Malta, Integra Foundation, Kopin, African Media Association Malta, Migrant Women Association Malta and Spark 15, joined forces under the ‘Connect from the heart campaign’

Workshop for teachers in Florina, Greece

The Youth Counselling Station of Florina, the 2nd Lyceum of Florina and the Association of Active Youth of Florina organised the experiential workshop “Education as a tool to combat hate speech” on 16 and 23 June 2016, based on Bookmarks – the human rights education manual to combat hate speech, intercultural communication and mediation. Participant teachers also developed ideas on how to address the topic of hate speech in the classroom with students.

Getting the trolls out

Get the Trolls Out! is a campaign partner from UK which responds to the concerning rise in antisemitic attitudes and statements by both public figures and media in Europe and addresses the danger that such attitudes are gaining traction among young people. A guide on countering hate speech on Twitter will also be published. More at www.getthetrollsout.org/

Symposium One Humanity

On 22 July AYUDH will host the international Symposium One Humanity, to empower young people to prevent Hate Crimes and Hate Speech. The symposium will be attended by Anne Brasseur, Ambassador of the No Hate Speech Movement, will speak on the importance of youth in combatting hate speech.

Who, if Not You?

UNITED leaflet with tips on how to intervene and prevent hate crime.

Upcoming Events

Remembrance of Roma Genocide

Dikh he na Bister, the Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative event, will bring together some 350 young Roma and non-Roma people in Krakow and Auschwitz-Birkenau during 1-5 August to commemorate and raise awareness about the Roma Genocide. On 2 August 1944 some 3000 Roma people were killed and their bodies were burned in the so-called “Gyps family camp” in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Right to remember was developed under the Roma Youth Action Plan to support young people gaining a deeper understanding of the Roma Genocide. The event is organised by Ternype International Roma Youth Network, with the support of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, and will have a special focus on hate speech. Come and join the “Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative”! www.2august.eu

Blog posts


When asked how they would like to feel, participants in “BlogMarks“, organised by the Bodossaki Foundation, stated “in solidarity, accepted, respected, loved, safe, understood, calm, and happy”.


Picture of campaign Video Subtitled in Greek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0911M0R86k

Word of the Day
is the capacity to understand or feel what another being is experiencing from within the other being’s frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. (Wikipedia)

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest!”
Elie Wiesel (1928-2016)

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