25 October, 2016

Newsletter N° 50, October 2016

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A campaign to support!

Dear Subscriber,

The No Hate Speech Movement aims to raise awareness about the devastating impact of hate speech on our human rights and democratic values. It is important to act, to speak up for human rights and democracy for everyone,
to not be silent. In the past weeks the campaign has received wide support from political and civil society leaders. The 4th coordination meeting held in Tirana, Albania, strengthened coordination among the
national and European campaign actors and plans for future actions.

Join us on our renewed online platform or the national campaigns sites; we need to act together!


The 4th Coordination meeting of the Campaign

On 23-25 September the 4th coordination meeting of activists and coordinators of the campaign was hosted by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Youth of Albania with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The meeting gathered 58 national coordinators, members of national committees, online
activists, and campaign partners in Tirana to share practices and coordinate campaign initiatives for 2017. The participants outlined success indicators for the campaign highlighting the shared ambition to achieve:

  • that more organisations, youth and government partners join the campaign
  • an increase of human rights messages to counter hate speech
  • more and better human rights education and education for diversity and media literacy
  • involvement of more national and European online activists
  • more active use of the campaign websites and social media platforms.

Other plans developed included a taskforce to work on youth participation in Internet governance and prepare a flyer on the topic, a regional training on human rights narratives to counter hate speech, and ideas for closer
cooperation within the regions.

“We put too much emphasis on difference nowadays”

His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama spoke on Humanity, Human Rights and the “sense of oneness of 7 billion human beings” during his
visit to the Council of Europe in the morning of 15 September. He received the No Hate badge from Anne Brasseur at the end of the meeting and spoke his support to the campaign, see minutes 36 to 41.

Campaign online platform and Internet site renewed

Over the summer the www.nohatespeechmovement.org platform has been updated with new features like the ‘No Hate Chain’ which allows anyone to join a virtual chain of people supporting the campaign. Hate speech that is flagged on Hate Speech Watch will be posted online straight
away; in this way it can also be shared online immediately. The renewed Blog section provides users better possibilities to submit blog texts with pictures and hyperlinks
and reports of campaign activities.

A new institutional site has also been created at www.coe.int/youthcampaign updated with information about the campaign 2016-2017, information on resources, other sectors
of the Council of Europe working on hate speech and much more. Campaign materials and templates can also be downloaded directly by visitors.

Can algorithms combat Hate Speech?

On 12 September Instagram announced the launch of a new tool to monitor comments allowing its users to list words they find offensive. The
tool will hide comments containing those words from the user’s profile. The new tool is part of a trend among social media companies to develop algorithms based tools to delete content considered extremist, inappropriate or abusive content, like hate speech. The Council of Europe is closely monitoring these developments and is drafting a report on Human Rights Dimensions
of Algorithms and recommendations on Human Rights and Internet Service Providers and for Internet intermediaries during the Committee of experts on internet Intermediaries on 29-30 September.

Presidents of Parliament support the campaign

On 16 September during the session on ‘Mobilisation of Parliaments against hate for inclusive and non-racist societies’ at the European Summit of Presidents and Speakers of National Parliaments,
participants expressed support for the campaign and the work of the No Hate Parliamentary Alliance. Anne Brasseur highlighted the need to strengthen Human Rights Education while Olemic Thommessen from Norway expressed support for the establishment of 22 July as European Day for victims of hate crime and encouraged parliamentarians to work with the national campaign committees. Laura Boldrini,
President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, called on everybody to spread human rights narratives and be visible as a response to hate speech.

Regional Training Seminar on Bookmarks

In cooperation with youth organisation ‘Perspektiva’, the Youth Department of the Council of Europe held a regional training seminar for the campaign, based on Bookmarks, in
Albania before the 4th coordination meeting. 23 coordinators, activists and youth workers strengthened their competences to combat hate speech through human rights education and campaigning. Lia Hayrapetyan,
a participant from Armenia, wrote a blog on her experiences at the training seminar and coordination meeting.

3rd Compass Forum calls for stepping up defence of human rights “Online and offline”

The participants of the 3rd Compass Forum on Human Rights Education – Learning Equality, Living Diversity – issued
a Message to the Council of Europe.
In this message, they call on the Council of Europe and its member states “to respond to the increase in violations and threats to human rights by stepping up their defence and promotion, in policies and in practice,
at work and in classrooms, at borders and at sea, online and offline”. The work of the campaign was reflected in various moments of the programme of the forum, including a specific workshop about its follow-up and impact
on human rights education.

National Campaigns

Developing the campaign in Bulgaria

At the beginning of September, Infinite Opportunities Association  and other actors from the youth field in Bulgaria met at the youth centre of Stara Zagora.
Participants agreed on using new tools to increase efficient presence on the internet and committed to get more people involved in the movement before the end of the year. The Bulgarian Youth Forum launched a photo competition among students to submit photos until end October by email that represents actions against hate speech and bullying. Visitors can vote on the entries
and the winner will be announced on 16 November, International Tolerance Day.

No Hate at International Youth Exchanges

On 5-6 October IJAB, the International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany, held its annual Colloquium on International Youth Work with a special focus
on the No Hate Speech Movement. The meeting participants developed a proposal to run a pilot training course on integrating online dimensions of international youth gatherings into the working approach of youth workers.
The project will consist of an additional expert meeting, mapping of existing resources and tools and the pilot training with youth workers.

Publication on social innovation online

In September, the organisation Empodera published its annual eBook describing technology-based projects that generate social impact worldwide. This year’s eBook “Civic technology: the ecosystem of social innovation”,
includes besides an article about the No Hate Speech Movement campaign, articles on projects supporting refugees and migrants, women to fight back against discrimination and girls to become entrepreneurs using internet

Campaign Partners

No Hate to Roma Women #NoHateSpeech

Alternative Innovative Development in Greece, raised awareness on the hate speech targeting Roma women through a video and a community event on 11 September. The project was supported as a pilot activity by the European Youth Foundation.

Law students learn to moderate hate speech

The European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) ran a series of projects on Online Hate Speech, namely an European Essay Competition, an International Legal Research Group with 17 countries
participating and a follow-up International Conference in Oslo in 2013, where a comprehensive report was presented. This led to the recent publication
of Guidelines on how to moderate online hate speech. With the conclusion of the most recent cycle of trainings this long term project, has made over 50.000 law
students aware of the importance of combating online hate speech.

Country briefings on Afrophobia

European Network Against Racism (ENAR) has published 20 country briefings on Afrophobia on their site alongside
their Shadow Report on Afrophobia in Europe, which was published earlier this year. The organisation also provides a short video of activists talking about experiences
of Afrophobia and a filmed debate between experts and activists.

“Say no to hate speech” platform in Cyprus

The organisation AEQUITAS launched the platform http://www.notohatespeech.com/ on 12 September in Nicosia. The site provides
information on hate speech, national legislation, support services and online chat system which offers support and information for victims of hate speech through education, psychological support as well as support and
information for others such as parents, guardians and friends of victims. The project was supported as a pilot activity by the European Youth Foundation.

Preventing hate speech in Chile

On 6 October campaign partner Friends-Chile Project organised a workshop on prevention of hate speech at the Alberto Hurtado School in Villarrica, Chile. At this first campaign
event in Chili, students and teachers learned about the campaign, human rights online and the effects of hate speech, though the inputs from human rights lawyer and youth activists.

Upcoming Events

11th Follow-up Group meeting

The Follow-up Group is mandated by the statutory bodies of the Youth Department to monitor and steer the implementation
of the campaign. In its 11th meeting it will review the outcomes of the 4th coordination meeting of the campaign, adopt the Action Days for 2017 and review the European campaign events of 2017.

9 November: Action Day on Antisemitic Hate Speech

The campaign will organise an Action Day on 9 November to raise awareness about the rise of antisemitism, the dangers this represent to European society. The action day will promote positive counter narratives that promote
Human Rights and a more inclusive, tolerant society. See the blog post for more information and to submit articles and stories.

Blog posts

Double discrimination of Muslim women in building their career

In honour of the Action Day against Islamofobia and other forms of Religious Intolerance on 21 September, Arbëresha Maloku posted a blog on her work on gender and religion in Kosovo[1]. Visit her Blog post.

Testing non-formal education tool to combat Hate Speech

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Romania organised the 7th edition of the Laboratory of non-formal education, 7-11
September Izvoru Mureșului, Romania. This year’s theme was human rights and the No Hate Speech Movement. For more read the Blog post of Andra Cordos .

Word of the Day

In human rights sphere, the process advocating for changes in laws and policies that violate human rights and fundamental freedoms.

“The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred.”
Dalai Lama XIV


[1] All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1244 and without
prejudice to the status of Kosovo.

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