19 January, 2017

Newsletter N° 54, January 2017

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Eric Miller
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Educate against labels, Stop Cyberbullying

Dear Subscriber,

Hopefully the December holidays gave you renewed inspiration and energy for the campaign. Sadly hate speech, cyberbullying and hate attacks in Berlin, Istanbul and the Netherlands has coloured the festivities. It is a
reminder that hate speech must be countered; it has a real impact on individual people and communities.  Join the Action Days and the national campaigns in 2017.


Cyberbullying kills

Credit: Emmanuel Chaunu

A 15 year old boy in the Netherlands, victim of relentless cyberbullying, could not bear going back to school after the holidays and committed suicide on 8 January.
Such tragic stories from across Europe are covered in this newsletter each year. The campaign encourages authorities to document the problem better and support educators and youth workers to address it through education.
Preventing bullying including online, is one of the strategic priorities of the Council of Europe Strategy on the Rights of the Child. The 7 February Action Day for a Safer Internet is an opportunity to highlight the importance of Human Rights Education for combatting cyberbullying, hate speech and the promotion of respectful and safe behaviour online.

National Campaigns

Bundestrollamt warns again

The German campaign launched three new video’s in their ‘Bundestrollamt für gegen digitalen Hass’ series. In the video’s young people read out examples
of hate speech they received which are deconstructed and countered with satire. The German campaign also launched its English site, which together with the easy read version,
makes information on the campaign in Germany accessible for more people.

Portuguese Bookmarks Launched

The Portuguese translation of Bookmarks was launched on 17 December 2016 during four day training on using the manual in Lisbon, Portugal. An in-depth article on hate speech and the campaign was published in a main Portuguese newspaper following the launch. Find a photo impression of the launch and training online.

Campaign Partners

Local school to raise awareness against Hate Speech

The Together Romania Association launched in December 2016 the project NO H8, to empower teachers and young pupils to recognise hate speech, change attitudes towards it
and mobilise young people to act against it. The project will involve 5 teachers and 100 pupils between 16 and 18 years, both victims, and offenders. It will address the identified problems in their local community
(bullying, harassment based on ethnic backgrounds and social issues). For more check the blog. The project is supported
by the European Youth Foundation (EYF).

Cypriot students say NO to Hate Speech

The Human Rights NGO Aequitas, from Cyprus, finalised its EYF-supported project “Say No to Hate Speech !!! Young People Empowered”.
A training course, based on the Council of Europe’s handbooks and non-formal education methods, enabled participants to get the necessary skills and knowledge to take an active stance against hate speech. An online platform in Greek and English was created, with useful information on hate speech that provides a chat service with a psychologist.

Upcoming Events

7 Feb: Action Day for Safer Internet

Organise an education activity or events to increase online media literacy, promote human rights and democratic values among youth in the week of 7 February. Find online more information and recommended actions for the Action Day organised
in support of the global Safer Internet day.

Campaign events in Vizcaya Spain

On 21-23 February volunteers of Novisi Elkartea and other immigrant organisations from the province of vizcaya, Spain, will organizing a sensitization
campaign to counter racism, xenophobia, hate speech and violence against women.

Blog posts

Word of the Day
Can be defined as the use of technologies by an individual or by a group of people to deliberately and repeatedly upset someone else.

“Living together is an art. It's a patient art, it's a beautiful art, it's fascinating.”
Pope Francis


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