2 October, 2013

Newsletter n° 6, October 2th, 2013

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Luigi Ausino
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Earlier this year we asked all national campaigns and individuals to sign our petition to make 22 July a European Day for Victims of Hate Crime. We have come a long way with 1,081 signatures so let’s not stop now. We want this day to happen next July so get your friends, your family, and everyone you know to sign it here.

National Campaigns

New campaign coordinators have been nominated in Sweden, Belarus, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. Coordinators and committees are still being formed and we look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming European Campaign Conference in November.

Committee members from Poland and Croatia have been in contact with us on how to change the No Hate material – logo, flyer, platform – into their own language. All national campaigns are welcome to edit campaign materials for this purpose. Watch how the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Turkey added subtitles to our campaign video. Please contact youth.nohatespeech@coe.int for more information. Or simply download them from http://www.coe.int/youthcampaign.

The campaign in Poland was launched on 18 October in Warsaw. Take a look at the statement of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe at this occasion (See the video).

Feed-back from European Action Day: Speak Peace; Not Hate

On the 21 September we celebrated International Peace Day. Our online, offline actions and presence at Peace Palace with Peace One Day in The Hague marked this European Action Day. There was a lot of action on our social media channels, with video, photographs and events of Peace Day uploaded to our platforms.

We asked you to share peace messages on our platforms, upload hate speech to Hate Speech Watch, take part in our global peace Street/Guerrilla Art project and to flashmob for peace. Notable examples of national campaign actions include the Timocki Omladinski Centar in Serbia and the EVS volunteers at the Balkan Youth Festival – with No Hate volunteers from Bulgaria, ‘the Former Yugoslav Republic of’ Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Turkey taking part in a big flashmob. Peace Messages took place on Twitter as we live-tweeted the #PeaceOneDay event.

Hate Speech Watch

There have been some new reports from Hate Speech Watch for this European Action Day:


We would like to thank all national coordinators, committees and interested parties who applied in recent weeks for our upcoming events in Brussels and Strasbourg. The Workshop for Campaign Coordinators (9-10 October) and the European Campaign Conference (7-9 November) are occasions for all national campaigns to synergise and develop strategies for the campaign. Any questions? Contact.

The conference The Hate Factor in Political Speech took place in Poland 18-19 September. The Secretary General of the Council of Europe and the Polish Minister for Administration and Digitisation, Michael Boni, stressed in their conclusions the need to support and fully implement the No Hate Speech Movement youth campaign. The Polish campaign was also announced at this occasion.

The International forum for National Campaign Committees took place in Baku, Azerbaijan on 27 and 28 September. The forum brought together some 150 youth leaders from Azerbaijan to inform and motivate their youth organisations for the campaign. The forum, also attended by 10 participants from other campaign committees, was a very important and successful activity to test the reaction of grass-roots organisations to the campaign. It provided great moments of creativity. The forum was organised by the National Assembly of Youth Organisation of the Republic of Azerbaijan (the organisers of the campaign in Azerbaijan) with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport. http://nohatespeechmovement.az

Take a look at this great video produced for the campaign in Azerbaijan: see the video

Join the Movement

Here we showcase some of the photographs you have sent to our Join the Movement section and our social media channels…

‘Merita shows us her Peace Message from Bosnia and Herzegovina’.

‘Timocki Omladinski Centar’s guerrilla art action!’

‘Armenian, Georgian and Azerbaijani young people in Georgia, August 2013 for peace’.

’Valentina Auliso in Portugal with her own message’.

Upcoming European Action WEEK!

From 14-20 October we’ll be acting for Local Democracy Week. We encourage everyone to participate and get active with local democracies and communities during this European Action Week. More information to follow in our next Newsletter.

And remember…

Join us online at all times on Twitter, Facebook, Join the Discussion and Campaign in Action.

Download the complete plus the French version here

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