20 July, 2017

Newsletter N° 60, July 2017

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Eric Miller
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No Hate Speech = Less Hate Crime

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The Action Day for Victims of Hate Crimes on 22 July, in remembrance of the victims of the terrorist attack at Utøya and Oslo in 2011,
reminds us how hate speech and hate crimes are closely inter-connected. Join the recommended actions to commemorate victims of hate crime and to raise awareness
about the harm caused by hate speech to human rights of individual people.

Action day

The attacks on 22 July 2011 on Utøya island and in Oslo, were motivated by extreme right ideology and racial hatred, the perpetrator confessing to view all the victims as “traitors for supporting immigration and multiculturalism”.
The No Hate Speech Movement has adopted this day for common action to give visibility to the stories of victims and targets of these human rights violations. You can also organise your own actions for 22 July,
like an educational activity, commemorations or campaign for legal measures to combating hate crime. The Action guide for 22nd July can
aid you ! You can also update your profile picture with the action day logo and spread the message on Facebook and Twitter.


5th Coordination meeting

From 28 to 30 June, 70 online activists, coordinators and representatives of the national campaigns met in Bucharest, Romania. They identified opportunities to strengthen the coordination and impact of the campaign, by
integrating new tools such as: ‘We CAN!’, the overview of reporting mechanism on social media platforms and with national authorities and planning the remaining Action Days for 2017.
Check the blog for a report for all the main recommendations and proposals for the 5th Coordination meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the National Campaign Committee of Romania.

No Hate Parliamentary Alliance Newsletter

The first No Hate Parliamentary Alliance newsletter was published in June. It covers
the Alliance events organised from January to June 2017 and introduces some of its members and their work on hate speech.

National Campaigns

Ireland: Video interviews from #Solidactivists

Video interviews with the co-ordinator of the project "Youth Ambassadors Training Course #Solidactivists" and with youth leaders about the No Hate Speech Movement in Ireland were published by the European Youth Foundation (EYF). From 27 May to 1 June 2017, the National Youth Council of Ireland trained 18 young activists from
across the country to drive forward the No Hate Speech Movement Ireland.

Poland: Combating hate speech, improving human rights education

From 30 June to 4 July the Centre for Youth Initiatives HORYZONTY organised the “National Training for Human Rights Education- Developing competences of combating hate speech
and fostering cooperation of human rights educators” in Poznan, Poland. The course is part of the Human Rights Education Youth Programme of the
Council of Europe.

Campaign Partners

MedUni: No Hate Makers training course

From 2 to 9 July youth leaders and activists met in Hammamet, in the framework of the North-South Centre’s Mediterranean University, to share and strengthen their competences to counter hate speech through human rights
narratives. The No Hate Makers network aims to build bridges between youth across the Mediterranean. The course is a follow-up initiative of participants of the training
course on developing counter and alternative narratives based on the manual We CAN! held in March 2017 in Strasbourg.

Youth Leaders address Hate Speech

The youth Association for Civil Activism Forum 16 started in June 2017 its 6-month programme in public schools training Educators
to support a “New Generation of Youth Leaders to Address Hate Speech” in Bitola, “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. This EYF-supported project
aims to develop an effective method to fight hate speech in public schools that addresses ethnic and gender-related issues and offers a national model of hate speech management.

Upcoming Events

Spain: Commemoration of 22 July

On the morning of 21 July the Secretary of State and Director General of the Spanish Institute for Youth (Injuve) will express their official commitment to mark 22 July
as a day for victims of hate crime. Representatives of institutions, prosecutors, police and victims will discuss the situation of hate crimes in Spain and how to respond, including through the Spanish campaign.
The meeting is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Spain.

Netherlands: No Hate at Pride

On 5 August a No Hate boat will participate in the ‘canal parade’ during the Amsterdam Pride week. The boat is an initiative of
the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice to raise awareness on the need to challenge online hate speech and discrimination.

Look and Don’t Forget: commemoration of the Roma Genocide

From 29 July to 4 August TernYpe International Roma Youth Network organises an educational and commemoration event involving some 200 young Roma and non Roma in Krakow and Auschwitz.
Dikh He Na Bister (Look and Don’t Forget) aims to raise awareness about the Roma Genocide, and present day expressions of antigypsyism in Europe. The commemoration is supported by the
Council of Europe through the Roma Youth Action Plan.

Blog posts

Word of the Day
A person, who as a result of certain acts or omissions suffers harm, including physical or mental injury, emotional suffering, economic loss, or impairment of that person's fundamental legal rights.

“Perpetrators of these violent acts in Norway and elsewhere, they are destroying our values, they are destroying our democracy.”

Video interview with Anne Brasseur, Ambassador of the No Hate Speech Movement, at the 22 July commemoration in 2015 in Oslo, Norway.


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