17 October, 2017

Newsletter N° 63, October 2017

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Eric Miller
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Youth makes a difference for the Internet

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The Youth campaigners called for clear guidelines and quick action on reports of online hate speech at various Internet governance platforms over the years. Recent months saw important developments. The Internet must
be human rights friendly and a safe space for learning and exercising democratic citizenship and participation. The Council of Europe supports youth participation in Internet governance processes, starting with a seminar
at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg later this month. Civil society action online must remain strong, so join the preparations for the upcoming action days for 9 - 10 November on antisemitic hate speech and 10 December for Human Right online.


Guidelines for proactive removal of hate speech launched

On 28 September the European Commission presented a set of guidelines and principles for online platforms to increase proactive removal of illegal content inciting hatred, violence and terrorism online. The guidelines call on online platforms to cooperate more closely with competent national authorities and civil society through ‘Trusted flaggers’. Campaign activists
recently strengthened the Trusted flaggers community of YouTube for example. The Commission also calls for effective removal
and prevention of re-appearance.

National Campaigns

Belgium: WediActivists game goes maxi

The WediActivists board game, developed by the French speaking campaign of Belgium is printed in an
extra large version so it can be played with big groups. The game is an educational
tool to work with young people on the issue of hate speech, discrimination and digital citizenship.

Italy: Positive messengers training

On 27-28 September the Italian campaign delivered a training session on combating hate speech using counter narratives based on the manual ‘We CAN!’ to 60 "Positive Messengers". The seminar was organised by FORMA.Azione at the University of Perugia in framework of the European
project “Coalition of Positive Messengers to Counter Online Hate Speech”.

Luxembourg: national netiquette launched

On 25 September the Luxembourgish Press Council and the Safer Internet Center Luxembourg BEE SECURE presented the national netiquette.
These guidelines for user interaction and communication on websites and social media are endorsed by all luxembourgish press and media agencies. The launch of the netiquette marked
the celebrative completion of the campaign in Luxembourg.

Germany: Launch translation of bookmarks

A second translation of Bookmarks to German was launched by the German campaign. The translation includes references to initiatives and legislation on combating hate speech in Germany.  The translations of Bookmarks of the Austrian, German and all other campaigns are available online.

Campaign Partners

Positive online content for kids

Better Internet for Kids launched the Positive Online Content Campaign that aims to build a better online experience for children. The website contains a range of positive content examples from across Europe and provides a checklist with qualities and criteria for positive online content.

Ukraine: Tour of Tolerance

In September the Institute of Ukrainian Studies organised the Tour of Tolerance. Using theater performances and video they aimed to promote peace, understanding and co-operation between citizens of the Eastern and Western parts of Ukraine. The pilot activity,
supported by the European youth Foundation, is a follow up to the YEU International one year project: “Excuse me, is this hate yours?”.

Upcoming Events

Seminar Youth Participation in Internet Governance

On 24-26 October the Youth Department organises a seminar on Youth participation in Internet Governance at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg. Daily reports will be published on the NHSM Facebook page.

Combating hate speech, antigypsyim and antisemitism online

On 23-27 October European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) and Phiren Amenca are organising a study session for 30 youth activists to strengthen Jewish-Roma cooperation and social action against hate speech at the European Youth Centre Budapest.

Action Day countering antisemitic hate speech

On 9 - 10 November the campaign takes action on antisemitic hate speech. A growing trend, expressed in
many new forms online, that calls for collective action for protection of our human rights.

Blog posts

Word of the Day
The active involvement in shaping the diverse environments one lives in and according to the needs and interests.

“Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.”
UDHR, article 27

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