9 November, 2017

Newsletter N° 64, November 2017

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Eric Miller
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Celebrate Human rights and cultural diversity

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Examples of antisemitism are easily found everywhere. Last month, fans of the Italian football club Lazio posted images of Holocaust victim Anne Frank wearing the jersey of a rival football club, alongside antisemitic
slogans. But this is just one of many examples of how antisemitism remains a very serious problem. Everyone involved in the No Hate Speech Movement campaign can and must combat antisemitic hate speech and speak up for human rights.

Action day

Antisemitism persists in most European countries, found the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) in its 2016 annual report.
Participants at the seminar combatting antisemitic hate speech in May 2017 called for joint action to show
solidarity, strengthen human rights education, challenge holocaust denial, raise awareness and effectively implement anti-discrimination legislation. The Action Days countering antisemitic hate speech on 9-10 November therefore call out antisemitic hate speech and speaks up for Human rights and cultural diversity. To learn more about antisemitic hate speech join the online discussion
in English or French on 9 November or review examples from across Europe.
You can also flag antisemitic hate speech and provide counter narratives; organise human rights education activities on antisemitism,
discrimination and holocaust remembrance using Bookmarks, Compass and We CAN!.
And please share the action day logo on your social media channels.


Seminar on Youth Participation in Internet Governance

On 24-26 October thirty youth leaders and activists explored how to enhance youth participation in Internet governance processes, during a seminar at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg. They highlighted the need for education on Internet governance to enable youth to understand how to engage and advocate for a human rights-friendly

Consultation on gender-based digital divide

Global Affairs Canada launched a consultation to collect experiences and examples of gender-based digital divides and the impact of emerging technologies on gender equality. The consultation will produce a playbook of good practices to promote gender equality in the digital age and inform a roundtable discussion at the Internet Governance Forum in Geneva on 18 December. For more information see the concept note or the consultation.

New Anne Frank comic book published

With the aim of making Anne Frank's Diary more accessible to young people, Ari Folman, son of a Holocaust survivor and David Polosnky created a new graphic adaption of the original book. The book is available in French, English and Dutch.

Stories that move

The online toolbox Stories that Move challenges learners to think critically about diversity and discrimination, to reflect on their own position
and choices in these matters. The toolbox consists of ready-to-use learning paths with multiple layers of information, assignments and life stories including short film clips young people sharing their experiences.
The project highlights how antisemitism, racism and discrimination are still present in Europe nowadays affecting the lives of young people everywhere.

Resolution for equal rights for Roma community and end to hate speech

On 25 October the European Union Parliament adopted the resolution ‘Fundamental rights aspects in Roma integration in the EU: fighting anti-Gypsyism’.
Among others it suggests to check that EU programmes such as Erasmus + reach the most disadvantaged communities, such as the Roma; and to recognise the persecution and exclusion of the Roma people, and include Roma
victims in Holocaust Remembrance events.

National Campaigns

Georgia: new website

The new website of the campaign in Georgia is now online. All its features will be available at the official launch on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day on 10 December.

“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”: addressing hate speech in high schools

This Autumn Association for Civil Activism FORUM 16 – Bitola runs the project “New Generation of Young Leaders for Addressing Hate Speech
to develop model for addressing hate speech issues in Bitola high schools. The project reaches out to the teachers and students. It is co-organised with the National Committee and supported
by the European Youth Foundation (EYF).

Campaign Partners

“Khetane Kadima” – Together forward on antisemitic and romaphobic hate speech

On 23-27 October Phiren Amenca International Network and European Union of Jewish Students organised the Study session Khetane Kadima, in cooperation
with the European Youth Centre Budapest. It aimed to raise awareness and support capacity-building and exchange of experience among Jewish and Roma and non-Roma youth activists and youth organizations. Together they
developed approaches to combat hate speech, Antigypsyism and antisemitism online.

Debunking the myths invoked by hate speech

The Media Diversity Institute starts the second phase of its successful programme "Get the Trolls Out!".
The project will monitor media outlets and counter religious hate incidents against Muslims, Jewish and Christian communities in Europe through a campaign of myth debunking and solidarity videos and articles.

Youth leaders address sexist hate speech in Georgia

From May to September 2017, the youth NGO Alliance for Society Advancement (ASA) organised the EYF-supported pilot activity “No Hate Women”.
Mainly focusing on sexist hate speech, the activity trained 20 young Georgian leaders to raise awareness about the consequences and impact of hate and discrimination in daily life. The local municipality published an
article about the training on Facebook and in the regional newspaper "Lile".

Upcoming Events

Love human rights

The Action Week for Human Rights 1-10 December campaigns for the appreciation, protection and promotion of Human Rights
on- and offline.

Seminar on Hate Speech in Sports

On 21-22 November the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport and the No Hate Speech Movement of the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of
Bosnia and Herzegovina will host a Seminar on Hate Speech in Sports in Sarajevo.

Using counter and alternative narratives to strengthen peaceful societies

On 11-15 December the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Youth Division and the Countering Violent Extremism Unit invites 25 youth leaders from its member states to learn to use Bookmarks and We CAN! to
strengthen dialogue and youth led peace building initiatives. The event is organised in partnership with the No Hate Speech Movement campaign.

Blog posts

Word of the Day
In socio-political connotation specifies positive acceptance of heterogeneity, and in particular, of cultural heterogeneity.

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters, cannot be trusted with important matters”.
Albert Einstein

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