7 December, 2017

Newsletter N° 65, December 2017

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Eric Miller
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Love Human Rights

Dear Subscriber,

Human Rights reflect aspirations and needs as old as humanity. They were proclaimed on 10 December 1948 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
There is much to celebrate but Human Rights can never be taken for granted as the statement “Jews, homosexuals and Roma should be gassed
recently made in the Czech parliament, illustrates. Expressing our love for human rights every day, everywhere, for everyone is about denouncing Human Rights abuse and violations and about promoting Human Rights values
in all our actions.

Action day

Human rights shape our communities and the ways we live together, solve our differences and share in our successes in ways that we often do not notice. It seems natural that we can express ourselves freely, form an association,
claim equal pay, education and fair justice. The Action day Love Human Rights raises awareness of the valuable contributions
Human Rights make to our daily lives and the risks posed by hate speech to human rights and democracy. We take action together to show we are proud of our
human rights and proud human rights defenders: Record with your friends a video to show how human rights contributes to your life,
using a simple phone app; upload a photo message or post a short statement;
use the Action Day logo as your Facebook and twitter profile, or add the Action Day Twibbon to your profile picture, and change your cover photo; share the postcard listing our Human Rights;
and organise a human rights education activity. Follow the Action Day on the Facebook page or on
Twitter @nohate_speech using #lovehumanrights and #nohatespeech.


World Forum for Democracy

On 8-10 November the World Forum for Democracy discussed: Is Populism a Problem? Recordings of all sessions and labs at the Forum can be found in the programme online. The 62 youth representatives played a significant
role and spoke up for the youth perspective. On 9 November they held discussions on antisemitism and collected statements from forum delegates for the Action Day to raise awareness on the persistence of antisemitism and for the promotion of cultural diversity. They created a “Humans of WFD” wall beside the hemicycle. Ten of the youth participants worked side
by side with openDemocracy to carry out interviews with different personalities attending the WFD. Many of the youth representatives
co-moderated lab sessions and took the role of co-rapporteurs at different sessions.

Hate Speech in Sport

On 21-22 November 25 representatives of sport federations, national authorities, and youth organisations from the Balkan region mapped challenges and opportunities to address hate speech in sports.
Participants called for more cooperation between sport sectors, with supporter clubs, youth workers and campaign partners to help adapt human rights education on hate speech for sports settings. The Seminar on hate speech in sports was co-organised with the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) of the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Internet businesses partner with Council of Europe

On 8 November the Secretary General of the Council of Europe agreed on stronger cooperation with eight leading technology firms and six associations of Internet businesses to promote an open and safe internet, where human rights, democracy, and the rule of law are respected. The exchanges of letter of agreement include Apple, Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab,
Orange and Telefónica.

National Campaigns

Malta: narratives about LGBTIQ youth

The ‘Broken Lens documentary’ explores the factors and implications of LGBTIQ media representation. Young media professionals challenge the archetypes of LGBTIQ representation
in the media and provide a powerful (counter) narrative about themselves and LGBTIQ people in Malta. The broken lens project was funded by Agenzija Zghazagh.

‘The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’: No hate school

On 25-29 October the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) organised it’s 6th No Hate School.
20 educators, youth workers and researchers developed project plans to strengthen media literacy and critical thinking among youth, and to support them to recognize, analyse and come up with alternative narratives to
counter online hate speech.

Italy: overcoming cyber-bullying

On 5 December 2 young beneficiaries of the Italian campaign explained how they overcame cyber-bullying by getting involved in the campaign activities. The youth spoke
at the event "A Model to Dream" on how to address violent radicalization of youth, organised by the Italian National Youth Agency.

Campaign Partners

Training Seminar combating Antigypsyism and Online Hate Speech

On 13 – 15 November 25 Roma and non Roma youth leaders and activists met in Rome to developed actions to strengthen joint response to anti-Roma hate speech and discrimination. The seminar was co-organise Unar-Ufficio Nazionale Antidiscriminazioni Razziali,
Romà Onlus and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe in the framework of the Roma Youth Action Plan.

Youth conference on inclusion of refugees

On 2-4 November 60 representatives of youth organisations attended the European Youth Conference ‘Youth in Europe – Better Europe‘ in Bulgaria. Participants
reviewed their role towards better inclusion of refugees in education, labour market and society. They also discussed how to curb the spread of hate speech targeting refugees, including through the campaign. The
event was co-organised by campaign partner European Youth Card Association – Bulgaria

National seminar on hate speech legislation

On 24 November the No Hate Parliamentary Alliance organised with the Albanian Parliament in Tirana a
national seminar on improving and enforcement of legislation against racism, hatred, intolerance and discrimination. The experience of the Romanian campaign with setting up a broad coalition to improve monitoring and legislation on hate speech was presented by their national coordinator.

Upcoming Events

Albania: Human Rights festival

On 10 December the Albanian campaign organises a community festival in Tirana central park to promote and celebrate Human Rights day. The event is supported by
the Deputy Minister on youth affairs, UNFPA and the Olaf Palme Centre.

Hungary: Human Rights forum and fair

On 8-9 December the Human Right Forum and Fair 2017 at the European Youth Centre Budapest aims to raise awareness of the relevance of citizenship and human rights education in Hungary and strength it in partnership with civil society. Participation is free, please register online.

Slovenia: Do not hate, Listen!

The youth event ‘Do not hate, Listen!’ of the Slovenian campaign includes a living library and round table discussion. The event is co-organised by the National Youth
council of Slovenia, Youth Cultural Center Maribor and UN youth delegate of Slovenia on 11 December.

France: Human Rights at the Christmas market

9-10 December the city of Strasbourg, the European School of Strasbourg and the
Council of Europe are co-organising a training seminar with high school students and activists on counter narratives to hate speech at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg.
Participants will also prepare street actions and provide information about human rights day in the city of Strasbourg on 9 and 10 December, at Strasbourg Christmas market.

Germany: More measures on hate speech needed

For Human Rights Day the partners and ministries involved in the German campaign will publish a letter to urge the Federal Government to implement more measures
to raise awareness and fight hate speech online.

We CAN! and youth participation at IGF

On 19 December the campaign is organising workshop #109 How Counter Narratives Can Help Pluralistic Democracy to Flourish Online to promote the WE CAN! manual at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The Council of Europe’s Youth Department will also run the session #230 Youth Participation in IG, to discuss the findings of the Seminar Youth Participation in Internet Governance held in October. Registation for online participation in these and all other sessions at IGF, 17-21 December.

Blog posts

Word of the Day
Strong interest in or liking for something, e.g. human rights

“One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is to ensure that human rights are for all.”
Secretary General of the Council of Europe in forward of Compass

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