18 December, 2013

Newsletter n°12, Dicember, 2013

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Luigi Ausino
12 pm

Version francaise en dessous




This is the final newsletter of 2013! We have had a successful year in which we launched the European level campaign, organised and took part in eight European Action Days, a major European Campaign Conference, participated in training sessions and held campaign events across Europe online and offline.

We held eight European Action Days throughout this year:

  • The 1st European Action Day against Homophobia and Transphobia in May raised awareness for gender identity and sexual orientation;
  • The 2nd European Action Day for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in June raised awareness for those who are forced to leave their homes;
  • The 3rd, European Action Day for Victims of Hate Crime in July, promoted action to implement a remembrance day for the victims of hate crime;
  • The 4th, European Action Day for International Youth Day in August, celebrating youth issues and youth empowerment;
  • The 5th European Action Day International Peace Day in September saw the NHSM collaborate with Peace One Day;
  • The 6th European Action Event for Local Democracy in October promoted local governance and dignity in local democracy;
  • The 7th European Action Day against Fascism and Antisemitism in November raised awareness of intolerance in Europe;
  • The final 8th European Action Day for Human Rights Online in December promoted hate speech awareness and action online.

The Council of Europe would like to thank all campaign coordinators and committees, online activists, partners and volunteers within the campaign for their collaboration this year. We would also like to thank members of the Follow-up Group for planning all events and activities in this campaign year. But none of this would have been achieved without the support of the Advisory Council on Youth and the European Steering Committee for Youth.

Happy New Year to all.


During this month’s European Action Day we asked you all to take part in specific online actions to enhance the reach of the action day. The outcomes of such actions are below:

At the European Campaign Conference in November Task Forces (Social Media, Blog, Forum and HSW) were formed by the online activists. These online activists and their efforts are continually appreciated by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe and we are looking forward to the plans for 2014. You can view the online activists on the Who Are We? section of the platform.


BOOKMARKS – the Manual for Combating Hate Speech Online through Human Rights Education, the campaign ‘Schoolpack’ has been finalised and soon will be visible online and offline! The text is available for National Campaign Committees to translate into national languages. Please contact youth.nohatespeech@coe.int for more information and procedure for translation.

Where is the Campaign Toolkit? This toolkit is in its final edit and will be available early 2014. This toolkit will be valuable to those implementing the campaign at first stage and for those who want to know more about how to promote the campaign at national level using social media.

The next European Action Day foreseen in 2014 will be held on 11 February: the European Action Day for Safer Internet Day will focus on promoting a safe, hate-free, Internet for all. All National Campaign Committees and online activists are invited to think of the best ways to promote and work on this day. You are also invited to connect with INSAFE , INHOPE and European Schoolnet on this topic to promote a Safer Internet Day for children and young people online.

New partner: Beat Bullying
The No Hate Speech Movement is partnering up with BeatBullying, who are running the biggest anti-bullying campaign in Europe from 11 December 2013 to 25 March 2014. The Big March is a digital demonstration against bullying that takes place across websites instead of tradition demonstrations taking place offline. BeatBullying is aiming for one million people to sign up across Europe and you are invited to join this initiative.


‘The Campaign team in Turkey’

‘Maya from Bulgaria’

‘Titiane from France’

‘Milan from Montenegro’

Download the complete plus the French version here

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