12 February, 2014

Newsletter n°15, February, 2014

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Luigi Ausino
12 pm

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In its recently adopted Recommendation 2032 (2014), the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe called upon the Council of Europe to elaborate a Strategy against racism, hatred and intolerance in Europe as well as an Action Plan to implement it and recommended that the Strategy and the Action Plan should put an emphasis on prevention, and include campaigning and awareness raising of the general public, also by expanding and strengthening the “No Hate Speech Movement”. You can read here the report of M. Jonas Gunnarsson (Sweden), from the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination.

11 February – European Action Day- Safer Internet Day. We thank you all for having taken part and promoted this day ! Don’t forget to visit the campaign platform and to give an answer to the sentence: “I make the Internet better by…”! Also available on YouTube.

Have a look at the « BeatBullying » video, that was launched on 30 January and that highlights the problem of bullying at school level. The video is also on the coordination website.

Next event : 21-28 March : European Action Week against Racism and Discrimination ! Save the date!


A seminar on the campaign took place in Ukraine from 23 to 25 January 2014. Fifty participants from fifteen Ukrainian regions participated. Government and state organisations’ representatives, human rights and youth organisations and media representatives were present. This was a key event, as the campaign was introduced for the first time in the country and as the role and the plan of action of the Ukrainian campaign committee were set up for 2014. You can have a look at the photos of the event!

Watch the English version of the Hungarian No Hate Speech Song on YouTube!

The « Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia » launched its own campaign video. You can watch it on YouTube. A workshop on human rights and hate speech was held in Berova and gathered twenty participants.

Norway launched its campaign on 11 February at 6 PM CET at the Literature House of Oslo! The ombudsperson of equality and discrimination was present. During this Day, a debate on hate speech took place. The translation of the logo is : “Stopp hatprat”. You can visit the Norwegian site of the campaign: www.stopphatprat.no. You can write to the national committee at post@stopphatprat.no. Their logos are available here.

The campaign in Lithuania will be launched on 13 February! During the day, there will be a discussion on bullying, hate speech online and active participation. In the evening, a “Musicians for human rights! » party will take place. Everybody is welcome to participate. You can find more information and photos here. Visit the Facebook page!

On 17 January, the NGO Afric’Forum organised an information and raising awareness campaign in Bilbao, Donostia and Llodio. This event aimed at informing the public about the presence of hate speech in the social virtual space and at convincing them of the urgent need to tackle this phenomenon. This activity is the first in a series.

Here in Bilbao

In Cyprus, a flashmob was organised, involving young people against hate speech. Click on this link to watch the video and see some of the Cyprus campaign materials.


“Natali from Ukraine”

“Kateryna from Ukraine”

“Myliu from Lithuania”

“Group photo of the activity held in Malaga in the framework of the Movement.”

Download the complete plus the French version here

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