2 July, 2014

Newsletter n°24, July, 2014

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Luigi Ausino
3 pm
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One aspect of the NHSM campaign is to ensure a lasting impact. To do this we all need to ensure that we create and develop synergies – on a European level within the organisation and, on a national level, between partners who could come together to start a campaign in countries where none yet exists. One example of this is the decision of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s Committee on Equality to launch a “No Hate Parliamentary Alliance” at its October session in Strasbourg. By joining the Alliance, parliamentarians commit to taking open, firm and pro-active stands against racism, hatred and intolerance, to promote non-discrimination, conduct campaign activities and exchange information on law and best practice in these fields. We welcome this excellent initiative.

Photo competition

30 June to 1 September 2014
The No Hate Speech Movement is organising an international photo competition in relation to the European Action Day against Islamophobia and Religious Intolerance, 21 September. By submitting a photo in relation to this topic, you can win a €300 gift voucher and an invitation to a Council of Europe activity. For more information, click here!

NHSM logo on European Youth Card

The Croatian Youth Hostel Association (CYHA) has just launched a special edition of the European Youth Card to promote the No Hate Speech Movement, in partnership with the Croatian Ministry of Social Policies and Youth. 5000 special cards bearing the No Hate logo have been produced in order to increase youth participation in the campaign activities.

watch and blog

Read about the experiences of growing up in a refugee camp in the campaign blog entry, A Silent Story!



22 July, World wide

The campaign recently established 22 July as a European Action Day to show solidarity with victims and people targeted by hate crime. We also want to make this a European Day, where focus is put on raising awareness and educating the general public on hate crime’s consequences on society. Sign the petition here!


Word of the moment: Synergy

Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects. (Wikipedia)
The NHSM campaign must develop and build on synergies to multiply the fruits of our efforts.

social feed

No Hate Speech Movement


As FIFA attempts to curb racism at the World Cup, a look at hate speech laws worldwide: http://pewrsr.ch/TeBUCb #nohatespeech

European Youth Award

“Human rights should not only count in the offline world” says Sergio Belfor. Read the interview here: http://eu-youthaward.org/news/interview_sergio-belfor_human-rights-should-not-only-count-in-the-offline-world … @nohate_speech

No Hate Speech Movement

We are happy to announce that the poster exhibition of the No Hate Ninjas opened yesterday in Lisbon. #nohatespeech

Download the complete plus the French version here

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