21 July, 2014

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Luigi Ausino
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hate speech dehumanises people – hate crime starts with hate speech

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Hate speech is insidious. It is a first step in dehumanising a person or a group of people. Once people are dehumanised (being treated as an inferior “race,” looked on as chattels, labelled as animals), then it becomes much easier to treat those people badly, including physical harming. It was not for nothing that the Nazi regime began by labelling Jewish people as “non-German”, an inferior race. In a similar vein, “Slavery was not born of racism: rather, racism was the consequence of slavery”. (Eric Williams, Capitalism and Slavery).

This is why we must always speak out against hate speech – it is too often the first step on a very dangerous path.


Help us establish 22 July as the European Day for victims of hate crime, by signing the petition here! For the upcoming action day, we invite you to check out the blog posts which will be published, and to report to the Hate Speech Watch!


A new magazine called Civic Arena has been launched by Civil Society Development Foundation, the NGO funds operator in Romania. It aims to share information and knowledge between civil society organizations in Europe, and to increase NGOs’ capacity for joint action. The first issue is focusing on Hate Speech, and includes interviews with key actors, good practices and other initiatives to combat hate speech. Make sure to have a look at it here!

Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative – Krakow, Poland

The initiative will bring nearly 1000 young people all over Europe, Roma and non-Roma from all over Europe around the 2nd August 2014, marking the 70th anniversary of the liquidation of nearly three thousand men, women and children in the gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau under the Nazi regime. The initiative aims to raise awareness among young Europeans, civil society and decision-makers about the Roma Genocide as well as the mechanism of antigypsyism in a challenging context of rising racism, hate speech and extremism in Europe.


I woke up to a death number that morning

Written by Eirik Rise

I woke up to a death number that morning. I believe the whole of Norway had been waiting for a number. Why was a number so important? Perhaps to know that it finally had stopped. That it was over. A number confirmed that it had happened, but also made it stop.
As I write this I’m sitting in the car with my close family. We just passed the place I stopped about three years ago on the 23rd of July 2011. And I’m taken back to how it all felt that day.

To read the rest of the blog entry, click here!


Page Facebook du Bloc Identitaire

This Facebook page states that all the Muslims are ‘jihadists’ that want to conquer France. This group had recent incidents with supporters from Algeria in the World Cup. It is clearly islamophobic, xenophobic and against multiculturalism.



A “No Hate Speech Regional Bus” (26 August – 3 September) has been initiated by the Youth Association of Serbia. 50 young people from 8 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, “The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia) will travel from country to country in a specially labelled “No Hate” bus and participate in activities, meet with stakeholders and make stops at public places to promote the NHSM.



Dehumanisation describes the denial of “humanness” to others….It occurs across several domains, is facilitated by status, power, and social connection, and results in behaviours like exclusion, violence, and support for violence against others. (Source: Wikipedia)

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No Hate Speech UK

Just making final preparations for training our first ambassadors tomorrow #nohate

No Hate Speech

The innocent victims of #july22nd must not be forgotten http://blog.nohatespeechmovement.org/petition/

No Hate Speech

Our website has had a redesign – what do you think of it?nohatespeechmovement.com


The Evolution of Hate Speech on Reddit and What It Means For the Rest of Us Online http://ow.ly/z1cJw

Download the complete plus the French version here

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