30 July, 2014

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Luigi Ausino
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Activists: the Heart of the No Hate Speech Movement

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Activists are the heart and the power source of the No Hate Speech Movement. Whether acting on the European stage or at national regional or local level, they are the means whereby the campaign’s message is communicated far and wide. Among the online community of activists are those who run our facebook page, our twitter feeds, who moderate our blog posts and report to the hate speech watch – all on a voluntary basis. But there are also, in every national campaign, activists who take it upon themselves to defend and promote the combat against hate speech. The No Hate Speech Movement would have been nowhere without the dedicated hard work of all our volunteer activists. You are inspiring, thank you.

Photo competition

Spread the word about the photo competition dedicated to the Action Day against Islamphobia and Religious Intolerance! The participants are invited to expand on this topic and express their views on it via creative ideas in the form of a photograph.The winner will receive a €300 gift voucher and will be invited to participate in one of the Council of Europe activities.

New landing page

Make sure to check out the Campaign’s new landing page, and tell us what you think about it ( youth.nohatespeech@coe.int)


Hate crimes towards LGBT people in Europe

Written by Holly Shirras

I Three years on from the hate fuelled attack in Norway, which cost the lives of 77 people, by Anders Brevik, hate is still causing the death and pain of millions of innocent people throughout Europe simply based on ignorance and xenophobia. It is a problem that often goes unnoticed until a tragedy, such as the massacre in Norway, occurs. It shouldn’t take a tragedy for victims of hate crime to be recognised and supported, victims should be supported regardless, and by helping victims and challenging the perpetrators, we can help to eradicate hate crime for good.

To read the rest of the blog entry, click here!


Denying the Holocaust and much more Holocaust denial, racism, xenophobia, intolerance.

This blog is dedicated to write about topics based on the most extreme ideas: racism is good, the Holocaust has not exist and everything is a lie, multicultural societies will fail… It’s a kind of “white victimhood” that believes that antiracists movements are “anti-white” movements and that this world is completely dominated by zionists and their doctrines.

Question to an activist

Viktor Szabados, what does your position as an activist mainly consist of?

Working as project manager and facilitator for companies, government bodies and international organisations such as the European Youth Forum. I support upon availability also the European Action Days with a short video or content management on our social media channels. I am happy that the few ideas that I could bring in became surprisingly successful (initiating open Facebook group, EYE participation, Why taking action against hate speech message board, partnerships etc.) and this drives me further.



Activist: “an individual who expresses their ideas by getting involved and taking action…. being actively involved in community and society no matter what your beliefs.” (source – the urban dictionary)

social feed

Rui Gomes

22 July is not about Breivik. It is about the 6, or 18 or 800 children in Gaza, the 298 passengers of MH 17It. Time to stop!?


No-one choses to be sick, disabled or a carer it can and does happen to anyone, what will you think when you are suddenly called ‘scrouger’


If you’re victim of hate crime but you don’t report, there’s not much authorities can do. Bcs “it take two to tango”: http://bit.ly/1nAZg2g

Upload your photo or video message expressing your solidarity with victims of hate crime.
Words are reality. Hate speech triggers hate crime. Don’t accept it.


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