23 October, 2014

Newsletter n°30, October, 2014

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Luigi Ausino
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Our campaign is all about networking. Every meeting, on or off line, in a group or one on one, gives opportunities for spreading our message further and further in our combat against hate speech online – or off line for that matter. From the interaction of the activists at the Forum in Gabala, to the interactive preparation of the photo and video competitions with our NCC’s, to the contributions we make at conferences of our partners and others, and of course to the work which we do with our internal partners at the Council of Europe, we are making the message get through. Our Facebook likes have now reached nearly 17,000 and our Twitter followers number 14,500. Let me steal a quote from one of our national partners – “Even the hardest stone will be eventually worn away by persistent drops of water”. Every person we get on board our campaign is another drop of water.


The Forum of the No Hate Speech Movement was held in Gabala, Azerbaijan, and it has resulted im a Message from the Forum towards the Council of Europe. After feedback from the 250 participants whotook part in the bigges Campaign event of the year, you can read the Message in English and French on the Youth Site of the Council of Europe and on the blog of the campaign.


The training course took place from 15 to 19 October in Namur, Belgium and gathered 21 participants coming mostly from France and Switzerland but also from Belgium, Canada, Andorra, Luxembourg and Greece. The course was organised in close cooperation with and the support of the Ministry of the French Community of Belgium (Bureau international de la jeunesse), and in cooperation with their national campaign committee. As it was the very first training on the Bookmarks manual, we hope to have a series of others training on the same topic in the future! All the details of the days can be found on the blog of the campaign!


The 7th Follow up group meeting is going to take place on 23-25 October at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg. 15 experts will gather to discuss the follow-up the campaign, what has been done so far and what needs to be done. The expectations resulting from the Forum will also be discussed.


The next European Action Day is planned for the 9 November and it will be a day devoted to the fight against Fascism and Anti-Semitism. All the actions will be communicated in our next newsletter as well as on the campaign platform: www.nohatespeechmovement.org


On Monday 20 October in Brussels, the International Network Against Cyber-Hate held its annual conference. The conferences addressed the different roles several actors can have in the fight against cyberhate (hate speech online). Three panels successively explored good practices coming from three fields involved in the fight against cyberhate: police and justice, media and internet companies, international and civil society organisations. The International Network against CyberHate unites organisations around the world to counter and address all forms of online discrimination. Bridget O’Loughlin, European Campaign Coordinator, was invited to present the No Hate Speech Movement Campaign.



The Polish National campaign committee has put into place several actions for celebrating the 9 November, Action Day against Fascism and Antisemitism. From 7 to 9 November, around 275 participants will take part in it and will share their experiences and knowledge on the issue of hate speech.

The event will first start with speeches and a sightseeing of the Museum of History of Polish Jews. Then several discussions and debates will go on, talking about what hate speech is, what it says and what it means, and who the most targeted groups are. The day of the 9 November has a very important meaning because it is also linked with the 11 November that corresponds to the Polish Independence Day. The idea would be to involve one part of the activists’ group in preparing a happening during the march organised by the President of Poland on the 11 November, in order to react to the nationalistic march that will take place as every 11/11.



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#nohatespeech Lutter contre la haine, c’est réfléchir ensemble pour mieux agir ensuite! Rejoins-nous @nohate_speech

Kristian Bjørkelo @HiB at #Pestalozzi2014 #nohatespeech about media literacy and hate speech: let the kids learn to regulate themselves

Excellent engagement and input on how industry and civil society can fight hate speech together. Thank you ‏#INACH for having invited Twitter

🙂 tout est dit. Merci Mara! http://goo.gl/aUeQ4c

It`s really sad how many abuse the wonderful gift that is freedom of speech in the US to defend non-physical abuse. There is a difference. @zeldawilliams

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