20 November, 2014

Newsletter n°32, November, 2014

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Luigi Ausino
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Version francaise en dessous

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One of the main focuses of the No Hate Speech Campaign is reporting. The importance of reporting cannot be stressed enough – reporting hate speech to hate speech watch on the website helps us to map and measure hate speech, and to report it to the hosting site. We highlight this for every action day but it is equally necessary to continue to report hate speech which you see on the internet whenever you see it – and not just around the action days

And, of course, hate speech is not confined to the internet – to help fight hateful graffiti two interesting mobile telephone applications have been launched –. LICRA, in France has launched this app – by taking a photo of offensive graffiti with your mobile phone, this application allows it to be localised and dealt with by the LICRA legal team in collaboration with the concerned city’s authorities. A similar application has also been launched in Poland by the Hate Stop NGO

And finally, a recent quote from Laura Geraghty, the U.K NCC:

“Our latest campaign is our Hate Crime Heroes campaign. Often people think they should not tell the Police or a parent or teacher about what they have been experiencing. In this campaign we are saying that telling someone is the most important thing you can do. The act of heroism is not getting involved but picking up the phone and reporting hate crime. The campaign represents many different aspects of diversity and demonstrates that anyone can be a hate crime hero by reporting it”
So …. Be a hero – get reporting!


The Meeting of National Campaign Coordinators took place in Warsaw on 10 and 11 November. It gathered campaign coordinators, members of national committees, online activists, members of the Follow-Up Group as well as staff members of the Council of Europe. This group of around 40 participants gathered to first summarise the achievements of the European campaign, then prepare the next European Action Days and also to share the educational tools the campaign committees have prepared. Finally, the discussion was raised on the evaluation procedure; the closing ceremony of the European campaign, and the expectations of NCC’s for the remainder of 2015.


The workshop for online activists will take place from the 7-11 December in the European Youth Centre of Strasbourg. Around 20 participants will take part in it and will work together for the implementation of the celebration of the International Human Rights Day on 10 December, as well as preparing an action week around this day. The workshop will also contribute to the development and the work of the network of online activists of the No Hate Speech Movement. The work until the end of the campaign, in March 2015, will also be raised and discussed.

reporting tool

The reporting tool has been updated and is now accessible at this link! The national committees and online activists are invited to use it and to report on their activities and events they put into place. We will then share them with a wider public and they will also be very valuable for the evaluation process. We are looking forward to receiving your inputs!


The European Action Day against Fascism and Antisemitism took place on the 9 November; the online actions started on 3rd and lasted until the 16th November.

There were 6 online actions recommended for this Action Day: reporting hate speech, uploading images, changing FB cover photo, sharing an infogram, filling a quiz, and reading and sharing articles form the No Hate Speech Blog.
Activists created 12 memes that were also circulated on Facebook. The posts on Facebook reached almost 30.000 people online, 9000 only on the Action Day itself on 9th November. Our Facebook page is followed by nearly 18.000 people, and the Movement is followed by 15.000 people on Twitter. The Action Day involved 12 online activists, including the Polish national coordinator. We cooperated with European Union of Jewish Students, UNITED for Intercultural Action, and European Network Against Racism. We invite you to read the Press Release from UNITED in the blog section of the platform.



The Polish No Hate Speech Campaign Team has developed a video summarizing the aims of the Movement and the impact hate speech can have in our societies, if it is not tackled on time. We invite all of you to have a look at the video and to share it around you!


The Ministry of Youth and Sport in Ukraine and the national campaign of the No Hate Speech Movement collaborated on the publication of Encyclopedia of human rights: the social and pedagogical aspects. This scientific edition addresses the specialists and educators in the human rights sphere. The cover of the encyclopedia was created in the style of the Ukrainian site «No Hate Speech Movement» (www.nhsm.info) because of the collaborative aspect of the project. We invite you also to have a look at the following video and to visit as well this link.



late 14c., “to make known, tell, relate,” from Old French reporter “to tell, relate; bring back, carry away, hand over,” from Latin reportare “carry back, bear back, bring back,” figuratively “report,” in Medieval Latin “write (an account) for information or record,” from re- “back” (see re- ) + portare “to carry” (see port (n.1)). Early 15c. as “to submit” (to an authority, etc.). Meaning “to name someone as having offended somehow” is from 1885. Related: Reported ; reporting.

Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper


social feeds

A guidebook on how to remove #hatespeech from the internet is on the way. Hope it gets translated! #strefainterakcji

#nohatespeech Hate speech today is not going to be the same hate speech in the future, it also develop end evolves

Counter arguments are important so others see hate speech and antisemitism is not acceptable #remember9nov #nohatespeech

#Artivism contra discrimination. Be creative, be catchy, be u & stand for your rights! #nohatespeech http://1drv.ms/10Mm31y

We are launching a new tool to fight #onlinehate on Dec 9. More here. http://ohpi.org.au/fah-launch-event-sydney-2014/@opposehatepages @nohate_speech @naomi_priest

Download the complete plus the French version here

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