18 September, 2013

Newsletter n°5 September 18th, 2013

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Luigi Ausino
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On the 21 September we celebrate International Peace Day; this European Action Day focuses on promoting Peace and Tolerance individually and in society.

The No Hate Speech Movement is working with Peace One Day to ensure that 21 September is celebrated as a day for peace and tolerance and that combating hate speech is also a contribution to peace. More on this below, but first here are the actions prepared for this European Action Day. We hope that you’ll like them and take part in them. You can find all the instructions and materials in the platform.


  1. Peace Messaging

    To promote peace and solidarity on this day we invite you to spread your individual peace messages on Facebook and Twitter using #nohatespeech. We also invite you to spread Peace One Day’s message: Who Will You Make Peace With?

  2. Hate Speech Watch

    In conflict zones there are many close links between peace and hate speech. Reporting this hate speech to Hate Speech Watch will highlight just how widespread casual hate speech is. We will be picking the most ‘talked about’ example of hate speech on our HSW tool on the 21 September so get reporting.

  3. Street Art/Guerrilla Art

    This EAD we want our peace message to be visible locally and globally, which is why we’re asking you to take part in our big art project. On our blog you’ll soon find a peace message stencil you can print out at home. Just grab some chalk and some friends and get writing on your local streets!

  4. Flashmob for Peace

    Here at NHSM we’re very fond of flashmobs. If you don’t know how to do it yet: plan in advance your dance moves and your co-dancers, find a public place and dance. Promote your flashmob by taking photos and videos of it and posting it online. Use our slogan for Peace Day: Speak Peace, Not Hate. After the flashmob talk to your audience about Peace Day, what it means and how each person can get involved.


The Council of Europe’s No Hate Speech Movement and Gender Equality and Violence against Women Team will participate in the Live Global Moment in the Hague, which is part of the 24 Hour Global Broadcast for peace via YouTube. An introduction video can be found here. Your NGO can also join Peace One Day initiative.
Our involvement in the Live Global Moment will be a panel discussion on peace with the founder of Peace Day, Jeremy Gilley. Our voice will be “Darek” Grzemny, trainer and activists in many activities of the campaign.

Speakers in the panel include among others:

Embed the free PeaceCode YouTube player on your website, blog and social media platforms to broadcast the live show on your social media networks! We would like to encourage you to share this information in your social networks to get your friends to join in the Live Global Moment. 


The call out for applicants to attend our European Campaign Conference – where all main players of the NHSM will discuss the direction of the campaign – is out. You can find it here. Deadline is 25 September!

Latvia officially launched the No Hate Speech Movement on 11 September. With activities, training courses and awareness raising initiatives planned for the rest of this year and in 2014, the NHSM in Latvia looks very exciting. The campaign committee is made up of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia, the Society Integration Foundation and the Latvian Centre for Human Rights.

On 12 September an ethno jazz concert by Miqayel Voskanyan and Friends was held in Tbilisi, Georgia. The concert was organised jointly by the Council of Europe and the Armenian Embassy in Georgia. The event celebrated the Armenian Chairmanship of the Council of Europe. It was an occasion to raise awareness of the Council of Europe’s No Hate Speech Movement and was an excellent of the synergies between the national campaigns and country offices of the Council of Europe. The campaign in Georgia will be launched early October.
We’re constantly updating the platform for you all. Make sure you check out our new Join the Discussion Forum. Have you been affected by hate speech on the internet? Are you taking part in our European Action Days? To get involved get discussing!


Every day new people across Europe and beyond upload photographs and videos to our platform’s Join the Movement section. Here are some of the best.

Emilie Albert came up with a fun and creative way to spread the No Hate message here. Try it!

Aydan Karimli posted on our JTM section this lovely photography of our logo with her face in it. Nice photo opportunity!

The Latvian campaign, which has just kicked off.

The campaign committee in Portugal in full swing on 12 August!


Our friends at the Youth Internet Governance Forum Project (Youth IGF Project) are doing a global survey on online anonymity and your experiences and your views on users who post without revealing their identity. We invite you to complete this short survey and share it among your peers. Deadline is 30 September.

Download the complete plus the French version here

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