5 November, 2013

Newsletter n°9, November, 2013

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Luigi Ausino
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09 November: European Action Day against Fascism and Antisemitism

10 December: European Action Day for Human Rights



The European Action Day against Fascism and Antisemitism coincides with our European Campaign Conference. On this day we would like all participants at the conference and all the members of the Movement to work together for campaign actions online and offline.

The actions build on the idea that extremism, fascism, antisemitism, racism and discrimination in their expressions as hate speech online and offline are best combated through human rights education. The following actions being proposed aim to empower young people to act according to a culture of human rights and to become aware of hate speech online.


  1. Make a campaign video message.How does fascism affect Europe today? How does hate speech lead to hate crime? Why take action? Answer these questions and send them to us! Upload your video on the Join the Movement.
  2. Join the Live Stream Debate.On 9 November a debate on how to fight antisemitism, racism and discrimination online and offline will take place at the Conference. Join us on Twitter to tweet your questions and comments! #nohatespeech
  3. Sign the 22 July petition for a European Day for Victims of Hate Crime. With over 1300 signatures so far, our political action for victims of hate will become a reality.
  4. Get your local politicians to sign the 22 July petition! Lobby your local decision-makers and get them to use their social media channels to forward our message.
  5. Report hate speech related to fascism and antisemitism to Hate Speech Watch.

  1. Subscribe to the forums to discuss and join actions against specific cases of hate speech.Each Monday a case will be posted and discussed.
  2. Propose an activity for 10 December celebration. Add it to our calendar of events. We will choose the best idea for our campaign human rights event!
  3. If you would like to write about your events or your views on antisemitism, fascism and human rights send your thoughts to action@nohatespeechmovement.org . It will feature on the Campaign in Action Blog.
  4. More ideas and suggestions after the campaign conference, hopefully!

The Joint Council of Youth has recently decided to extend the No Hate Speech Movement campaign until the end 2014. This means we will be having more European Action Days to raise awareness of hate speech online and how you can combat it!

The European Campaign Conference (7-9 November) is taking place this week with over 180 people attending; they are members of National Campaign Committees, coordinators, online activists and bloggers, Council of Europe officials, NHSM partners and representatives from social media networks Twitter, Facebook and Google.

The Conference will be live streamed on 7-8 November between 09h00 – 13h00 and on Saturday 9 November 09h00-18h00 so keep up with our Facebook and Twitter accounts to find the link. The Conference will be in French and English. Thirteen workshops will focus on the NHSM strategy. To keep informed about how each workshop is going watch our Twitter feed for updates. Get involved by tweeting us your questions using #nohatespeech.

NHSM Workshops:

  1. European Action Days
  2. Hate Speech in Political Discourse and the European Parliament Elections 2014
  3. Evaluation and Impact of the No Hate Speech Movement campaign
  4. Communication, Coordination and Networking within the Movement
  5. Education Strategies against Hate Speech
  6. National Campaign Strategies, Plans and Programmes
  7. Impact and Advocacy for Policy Changes
  8. Building online communities, supporting the Movement
  9. Securing youth participation
  10. Preparing the NHSM Youth Meeting
  11. Hate Speech in online games
  12. Fundraising for the campaign and projects
  13. Working with Internet businesses and social networks

‘Infinite Opportunities Association in Bulgaria with a lovely campaign photo’

‘National School Students Council of the Republic of Croatia’

‘Youth voices count, photo sent in by Zorica Stamenkovska’

‘Roy Ortega’s group shot from Mexico’

Download the complete plus the French version here

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