28 December, 2016

NHSM in Lithuania celebrates Human Rights Day with a quiz

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December 10th in Lithuania was mentioned by organizing a quiz on the topic of human rights. The event took place in a small city Utena in north-east Lithuania in order to reach more people who are sometimes excluded by only capital-based campaigns. The questions of the quiz were based on the legal framework of the topic, historic controversies related to human rights, its developments in Lithuania and worldwide. The quiz was prepared by a group of volunteers which made them expand their own knowledge of the topic. Some of the questions directly concerning hate speech were also incorporated to the quiz. "Living library" was organized after the quiz in order to allow the participants to talk with people from the social groups touched by the quiz.

People reached: 70

Target groups involved: Youth

National Campaigns:

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Other campaigner’s use/multiply/adopt or learn from your practices: Education through fun, quiz based action days prepared by the NHSM volunteers themselves.

Place: Utena / December 10th, 2016

Url: http://zmogui.lt/2016/12/myliu-panda-svente-tarptautine-zmogaus-teisiu-diena/

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