19 June, 2016

No discrimination, Equals between Equals

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“A better future” this is the only hope which is left to them, after that hard decision that they took. The decision to leave everything that you have behind. A decision that many people are taking today around the world, in the hope that they can offer something better to themselves and to their families. Many of them choose Europe, others travel to other continents, and carrying with them the hope that everything will be alright, that they can start over.

Some of them travel in groups and stick to them, some travel alone, some work long hours, walking, saluting the locals, some of them smile and other approach you in a very friendly way when you decide to talk to them or ask them questions. Some of them, which who achieved the goal to settle somewhere, even “forgot” the suffering and pain the bestowed upon them and the sacrifices they had to make. Some of them are in an “oasis of peace”, where the tranquility is disturbed only by the ringtones of the mobile phones. Good news, sad news, endless waiting, until they figure out where they will take them…. Most of them spend time talking to their relatives on the phone. Some of them have their families scattered around the EU member countries and wait so they can be reunited again, to continue the journey of their life, till they arrive in the desired country. Going back, where once stood their homes, is not an option for them anymore.

Many people are not very happy about the “foreigners” coming in their country. On the other hand the “foreigners” are thankful to the people who supported them and were nice to them. Still they have to face the one thing they shouldn’t…such as discrimination. To even realize that the so called “reasons” behind the mean attitudes and closed doors, are religious and ethnic discrimination, especially when we realize that the most affected by it, are the children and youngsters.

One third of the refugees are children, who shouldn’t be traveling from one continent to another, they should be playing games and going to school, but they can’t, they have a different life, a life between suffering, slavery, seeking refuge from one place to another and on top of that all, they have to face discrimination, which makes them doubt their safety and future.

Many of these children, become grownups, not by choice, but through suffering, they try and fight hard to educate and work, in a country where they are “not accepted” and that makes it even harder. Most of them turned discrimination, hatred, contempt, into strength which makes them push forward. While the rest of them continue to hope that one day love will win over hatred and that one day, they will stand as equals, between equals

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