3 July, 2014

No Hate Speech Flashmob in Strasbourg

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Written by Edouard Portefaix

At the occasion of the European Action Day in support of Refugees and Asylum Seekers – June 21st – participants of the Youth Peace Camp 2014 organized a flashmob in the heart of Strasbourg to raise awareness on hate speech online and how to stand against it. They gathered at “Homme de Fer” station to distribute No Hate Speech Movement leaflets and introduce the online campaign to the large crowd that had come in the streets of Strasbourg to enjoy La Fête de la Musique. They also had the occasion to present the Youth Peace Camp and explain what they were doing in Strasbourg. Amongst the crowd, they encountered people from different backgrounds including refugees and asylum seekers.

The Youth Peace Camps were initiated by the Council of Europe in 2004. For its 10th anniversary, the activity was held in the Council of Europe European Youth Centre in Strasbourg from June 16th till June 22nd. Participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo – coming from both Albanian, Serbian and other backgrounds – Israel, Palestinian Authority, Georgia, and the Russian Federation gathered for 8 days of living and learning together.  During the week, they explored the concepts of identity, intercultural learning, conflict and Human Rights. Participants were encouraged to challenge themselves and had the opportunity to engage in dialogue with participants “from the other side”.  They were also supported in their role as multipliers and peer leaders to implement peace building activities with young people from their organisations and communities in the wake of the Camp.

More information at:http://youthpeace.coe.int/Youth-Peace-Camp

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