10 December, 2015

No Hate Speech

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Category: Combating online hate, European Action Day, Human Rights
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usWritten by Doghi Rares Adrian

The Internet convinced me that Opinions are stated as “FACTS” and that nobody is born equal anymore, “OUR” opinions count more than others’ and “We” are unwiling to accept the right things as long as they do not concur with what we say… and we say a lot… some ideas are taken from the people we look up to… we admire, and in doing so we don’t stop to think whether it’s right or wrong and we just take them for granted… we take them and promote them as our own, teaching our children the same misinformed ideologies that we were taught when we were kids.

It’s 2015… still… and every year is getting worse and worse and we promote violence and we accept racism and impose religions on everybody that are different from us…

But who decides what is right or wrong ? and why do we think that we are always right and that everybody else is wrong ?

I believe it’s because we never meet the person at the end of our argument.. we don’t know that person, we know us.. and “WE IS SMART” “HE STUPID”, we hear our parents everyday what the right things are.. who are those nobodies at the end of that line telling me what the right thing is… Fudge those guys.. I see it on TV everyday, how people get murdered in other countries and how great our country is.. how we shouldn’t accept anything else than our own beliefs and trust in our own system, and while doing so we will be safe, we don’t have to fear anything, but we don’t see their end on this, and we condemn their point of view and everybody who stands up for someone, or something good because, in the irony of it all, we think that they are the ones who trully don’t know anything.

We so easily forget how ignorant we really are and how hurtful we can sometimes be.. and just because we are the selfish bastards who don’t care what everybody else says we can spread our poison all over the internet and influence milions of people driven by FEAR who don’t know any better and believe every single word we say… if 1 person in  this entire world is willing to believe or carry over the HATE… We win… and we don’t win fame , or Love or Kindness no… we win corruption.. and we spread it like butter on a piece of toast… and until someone gets killed, until millions join our cause and we can see the damage with our own eyes, when we see what a single blog or a facebook post can do with the people in this world… when we see our CHILDREN fighting a shitty cause in our name… that’s when we realize that our fights, our blogs, our rantings online weren’t meant to make this world a better place.. we just wanted everybody to be as scared as we are because we just didn’t know any better… But now we do… and it’s time to stop.. nobody will judge you for admitting you were wrong, it’s really not too late, it never is, because at the end of the day you do it for our kids, you finally see the big picture… Our kids shouldn’t see differences between people and be scared of them, they should accept them, and take the good from anyone and use it in order to become a better person themselves… this is how we make the world a better place… a place for “US” to live in.

This world destruction is completely our fault… a single word can inspire or put the fear in people, it can help someone or completely ruin his life and we never stop for a second, to think that just because nobody in our lives ever listen to us, that nobody cares about us, doesn’t mean that no one will.. We grow up hating everybody and everything, we start screaming for some attention and when nothing works… we go “online”… it’s easy to make “friends” but it’s even easier to spread the “HATE” you have in your life OVER other people… and you start with a few blogs, and you meet a few people that are in the exact same position as you… people who have been mistreated their entire lives and you can relate to one another… and you make another Hateful blog and you see more people in your position who not only share your views on life but also carry on and spread it to other people… and before you know it, the things you’ve meant, the things you’ve said, that were meant to maybe change the way they think about the people around them and maybe care about them a bit more… are carried over the internet until they are molded into something terrible, taken to extreme, imposed towards humanity  as Hail Marys and the young innocent people, the good people in the world will suffer because of something you’ve said.

We have to Stop right now… before 2016 hits and we realize that not only everything we fought for these years didn’t even put a dent in the corruption and the HATE spread all over the internet, but also that if this “NO HATE SPEECH” movement was a Racist , Evil Driven extremist way towards making the world a worse place to live in… it would have been a SUCCESS decades ago… and that’s just SAD.


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