15 March, 2015

No Hate Stories: struggling with online racism

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chimp memeWritten by Jana Minochkina

On 21st of March – European Action Day Against Racism and Discrimination – it’ll be a year since the start of our epic story with combating a racist forum “Chimpmania”. For us it started with publication of a call for action to react on a racist content online – Chimpania was an absolute leader of online complains to No Hate Speech Movement Team of Online Activists – so we didn’t hesitate too long with the target case. Just to get a brief idea of what kind of forum it is, you can check their community rules – quite “entertaining”, right?

in this stoify post you can read what exactly happened and how activists found tehmselves confronting an absolute sick ideology of hatered and closed minded behaviour that could also put them into risk. The activists of the Movement learned a lot from this expereince and we are also convineced that there is no point in trying to confront these kind of people rather call for united actions and necessary legal measures that can be carried out institutionally. Read and share this fascinating story for seveal conclusions for combating hate speech online.


  1. L.

    Ugh… Why won’t anyone remove this website after the publicity it has received? And why are ALL of the petitions ever made “CLOSED”. Is there someone who is a part of “Change.org” that is a part of Chimpmania??

  2. Uu

    People can hate whatever and whomever they want and shutting down a website will not make them stop hating. I don’t hate nigs all that much because i can afford to stay away from heavily infested areas. But they are a threat either way. Most blacks are uneducated criminals and violent. That’s a fact.

    • John Smith

      Uu, here’s a breakdown:

      1. Yes, people can hate *whatever* they want [it doesn’t matter if you hate cake. who cares.]

      2. Yes, closing a website where people actively hate people who are already systematically, politically, economically and culturally oppressed in society is unlikely to stop them hating – but that is not the point.

      The point is that spaces which normalise hatred against oppressed people create safety for the spreading of hatred and organising against the oppressed. These are not ideas about which film people like or if they prefer beer or carrot juice – they concern the lives of people who everyone is already taught are inferior, who are the targets of structural violence, and who are therefore vulnerable to being targeted when these ideas are reinforced and given false-legitimacy.

      3. Your racism is unacceptable. To dehumanise, demonise and stereotype as you do should not be given a platform here.

      4. Staying away from people who you clearly have no understanding of is only going to reinforce your ignorance.

      Do some research about why education is less accessible to people of colour.
      Do some research about how the [in]justice system targets the working class and why people of colour are disproportionately working class.
      Do some research about the violence of colonialism, imperialism and white supremacy.

    • John Smith

      Since you talk about ‘facts’ but provide only racist rhetoric and no evidence at all, lets look at what evidence against your hate speech tells us:

      – there are well documented trends of increased racist views in rural areas with fewer people of colour, for example, which contradicts your idea of ‘staying away’ from people who you do not know about. this only increases ignorance and without critical thinking it is easier to believe lies and misrepresentations about people.

      – when racism is given a platform, like via elections or on websites, this often emboldens racists, gives confidence to white supremacists and attacks against non-whites increase.


  3. Gemma

    I agree with John Smith in that there’s no such correlation as being racist and sharing neighbourhood with many people of colour. What is true is that certain people directly avoid certain areas (housing, schools…) because of its ethnical/class composition. So racism/classism can and is actually also related to many people living in mostly white people neighbourhoods.
    Secondly, you should reflect on what you say “most are uneducated and violent”. Do you really think lack of education and violence are more usual on black people than on white people? If this is the case, I strongly recommend you to start inspecting world history to check these assumptions. I also wonder how many non-white people you know and relate with in your daily life (and even if you do, I don’t think your social life is wide enough to support your sentence).
    I work in an environment with many economically and uneducated people. And I could infer from that that all people who have the same profile they have, are also uneducated and economically poor. But this isn’t the reality. It’s only a partial reality I see from my own perspective everyday, and it hasn’t a single cause but many (and most of them structural causes). So the easy way would be to do a simple view of what I see and extract simple conclusions. Instead, I prefer to acknowledge things are not that simple, that my perspective isn’t the only and best one and that dehumanization of other people won’t make my life better but quite the opposite. In fact, I would be praising uneducation and violence if I did so.
    So in short, I wonder which is your basis for such disrespectul affirmation…
    We all ignore many things, none of us is such “educated” that knows it all. But the key, from my point of view, is that we can acknowledge it, be humble and predisposed to learn and to respect.

  4. Patrick O'Shannessy

    I visited that site, and their news stories are derived from legitimate news sources. In other words, the violence and the propensity of the American Negro to “chimp out,” is real. They even post horrific stories of Negroes in Europe and Africa, and what these Negroes do is pure barbarism. Also, they document that the American Negro’s IQ is a full standard deviation below the American mean which means half of the American Negroes are borderline retarded or worse, and the African Negroes fare more poorly.
    Their facts about Negroes are correct. What is immoral, however, is the wholesale publication of these facts, even though the facts themselves are true.


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