24 August, 2017

Nordic countries: Counter Narratives video series and Facebook page prototype

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Menno Ettema
10 am

NOrdic video1On 9-15 Augusts 2017 the Norwegian campaign posted video’s and Facebook page prototype with counter narratives developed by the Youth participants at the Nordic training course taking action on hate Speech, 17-20 June, based on the manual We CAN!.

9 Aug: Message on Hate Speech and the Internet of the 40 young people from the Nordic countries gathered at the Hate Speech Conference of the Nordic Council of Ministers on the 21st of June.

10 Aug: No life is worth more than another. This video was made as a counter narrative to hateful comments legitimizing the murder of 49 people at a gay club in Orlando.

11 Aug: Is something true just because many people think so? This video was made to raise awareness and counter narratives based on stereotypes, it intends to strengthen critical thinking, expose and deligitimize some of these stereotypes.

Nordic video 212 Aug: Why do people refuse to accept gender diversity? This video was made to counter transphobic narratives and calls for recognition of gender diversity.

13 Aug: Do you get scared by people in hijab? This video responds to a case where a hairdresser in Norway refused to cut the hair of a woman with hijab and the irrational fear she showed. She was fined for discrimination, but the case also lead to more hate speech online. Talk about a bad hair day.Nordic video 3

14 Aug: Why do some people have to live in fear, just because of who they are? This video asks for equality and responds to the online narratives justifying the murder of 49 people on a gay club in Orlando. It calls for action from governments and raise awarness of the horrible consequences of homophobia.

Facts norwegian way15 Aug: The Internet is flooding over with «alternative facts». This prototype Facebook-page Facts: The Nordic Way was made to address the challenges coming from fake news and create an alternative that promote source criticism and kickstarts a more nuanced debate. The group making the prototype are making similar sites in their countries.


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