13 December, 2016

Online meeting on “Antisemitic hate speech: roots and consequesnces”

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Category: Antisemitism, Combating online hate, Human Rights
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10 pm
Online meeting on “Antisemitic hate speech: roots and consequesnces”img_0701
by Nelli Gishyan
The online meeting on topic “Antisemitic hate speech: roots and consequesnces” took place at National Campaign Committee of Armenia at 10.12.2016, lead by Gilles Bloch. It was an educational event with the involvement of 11 active young people from Youth Alliance via Networking (YAN) Educational NGO, Youth Club for Intercultural Dialogue Democracy and Peace and NCC Armenia.

All the young people who participated in the meeting were those who have participated at a local, regional or international event within No Hate Speech Movement Campaign and were aware about the campaign and its objectives.
During the meeting we were introduced about the historical basis of Antisemitism, where it comes from , what are the different approaches and understanding related to the same issue, how young people should approach to the topic and combat it via educational programs.
At the end of the meeting participants discussed various possibilities how we can cooperate with the Jewsish community in Armenia and in abroad to make links and bridges and to develop some new initiatives.
An article on the meeting was published in the online newspaper of Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Republic of Armenia
Participants say big thanks to Gilles, because the discussions held was very interesting, educative and efficient.

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