14 September, 2015

ACT NOW: Support organisations and groups providing support to asylum-seekers (to be constantly updated)

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Ruxandra Pandea
9 am

Online hate speech targeting migrants, asylum seekers and refugees has increased recently, increasing tensions and prejudice in a very challenging situation for the people seeking refuge in Europe. The No Hate Speech Movement is calling for a stronger solidarity towards those people forced to leave their homes.

Be active online: Report hate speech online through the Hate Speech Watch, and propose counter-narratives, expressions of solidarity, clarification of facts. As the German journalist, Anja Reschke put it: “The hate-writers must understand that this is not tolerated in society. Therefore, if you don’t think that all refugees are parasites that should be chased away, burned or gassed, then you must clearly make it known. Stand up against it and open your mouth.”

Be active offline: Support grassroots organisations that are offering essential help to asylum-seekers, especially in those countries where their situation is particularly dire. You can donate, you can share information about their work and you can volunteer yourself.

Here below a list of organisations and groups providing support to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants today in Europe. Please comment or email us with others you are aware of, so we can update the list.



Refugees Welcome – Where and how to support in Austria

Caritas Vienna


Munchen Municipality Support for Refugees

Where can I help in Germany


Pomajgamo Begunci and here

Slovenska Filantropija

Pomoč begunskim otrokom


Initiative Dear Refugees: Welcome to Croatia


Migration Aid (provides support in Budapest, Hungary and Debrecen, Hungary)

Menedek Hungarian Association for Migrants
Migszol Szeged (provides support in Szeged and at the border with Serbia, Hungary)


Help for refugees in Molyvos (provides support in Lesbos, Greece)

Oikopolis Social Centre  and Facebook page(provides support in Thessaloniki, Greece and the border with the FYROM)

Refugee Solidarity Thessaloniki and here their page for gathering online donations

Flemish Refugee Action (provides support in Belgium)
FEDASIL (provides support in Belgium)


Refugee Aid Serbia (provides support in Belgrade and Horgos)

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
LEGIS (provides support in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)


Free Space. Refugee Solidarity


Refugees welcome Romania – group collects and provides support in Serbia/Hungary border

CARITAS (provides support in a number of countries including Austria, Serbia)


  1. Kyriaki Karadiamanti

    Hello from Greece!

    As a member of the No Hate Speech Campaign and active human rights defender, I am attaching two groups (Refugee Solidarity Movement Thessaloniki, Οικόπολις – μια παράλληλη πόλη) that are supporting refugees in the borders between Greece and Macedonia.
    Both of them are doing an excellent job, and should be added in the aforementioned list.

    Thanks in advance*




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