13 January, 2017


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“OUR GOLD” youth project was organized by Arcirigazzi Portici, Italian leading partner, along with other EU &South-Med partners, & funded by EC within Erasmus+. The project involved 7 countries & 70 young people from Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Germany, France, Italy and Turkey.

The main activities were based on a series of sessions and workshops to discuss issues related to religion phobia and hate speech to stereotypes and common considerations that leaked the information - disinformation by media. The main objective of the Youth Exchanges was based on "No Hate Speech" movement.

In this project, every participant, in the collective and individual ways, reflected about their feelings when they felt targeted by a "hate speech". Different labels came up in the workshops to be discussed and analyzed critically, such as Mafioso, Black, Muslim, Woman, etc. And along with those labels, of course, different topics came out too.

People reached: 70

Target groups involved: young people and youth workers from EU and South-Med countries

National Campaigns:

  • Racist hate speech
  • Hate speech based on gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Hate speech targeting refugees and asylum seekers
  • Islamophobic hate speech
  • Hate speech based on religious intolerance
  • Hate speech arising in conflicted geographical regions

Other campaigner’s use/multiply/adopt or learn from your practices: we used several tools: No Hate Speech city campaign, Reading journalist articles and correct it, No Hate Speech Wal to transforming their own hate tagging/labelling, Media Tool Productions such radio sports - interviews, and Loesje Posters to create critical advocacy posters in creative texts

Place: Two phases: 1st: was held in Italy in July 2016 hosted by Arcirigazzi Portici, Italian leading partner. And 2nd phase: in Tunisia in September 2016, hosted by the Tunisian partner CCAB – Club Culturel Ali Belihoune.

Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpYarxrLieE

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