17 May, 2016

Our Movement at the European Youth Event – EYE and YO!Fest in Strasbourg

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Viktor Szabados
6 pm

The European Parliament – EP initiated the European Youth Event – EYE connected to the EP elections 2014 to bring young people from all around Europe (EU and neighbouring countries) to exchange ideas in the heart of the European decision making to Strasbourg, France. In partnership with the European Youth Forum the annual youth festival the so callec YO!Fest  (YO = youth opinion) was combined with the EYE to create Europe`s biggest youth participation event possible. That how the EYE&YO!Fest was born.

20-21 May 2016 at the second edition of the EYE&YO!Fest the No Hate Speech Movement was participating in a different YO!Fest setting with thematic hubs in line with the EYE activities together with different youth organisations as partners of the European Youth Forum. So called thematic hubs/tents of 175 sqm each were gathering youth organisations working on similar fields. The involved youth organisations tried to organise activities with a thematic focus and in cooperation with each other.

A group of 10 activists and 2 members of the Council of Europe`s Advisory  Council on Youth (where actually the No Hate Speech Movement campaign was born) were carrying out all the No Hate Speech Movement activities during the EYE & YO!Fest2016 in Strasbourg such as: No Hate Panda campaign promotional activities in and outside of the European Parliament (myliu – Love Panda from the campaign in Lithuania), workshop Freedom of (hate) speech inside and outside of the European Parliament, collecting signatures for the petition making the 22 July European Day for Victims of Hate Crime, human figures sharing stories of victims of hate crime outside of the European Parliament, Idomeni refugee installation remembering what refugees have to go through with the German Youth Council outside of the European Parliament, collecting messages through displaying No Hate Ninja posters

Two refugees who were guest speakers of the WPAwelcome workshop in the panel discussion of the German Youth Council in the European Parliament were sharing their personal stories what they had to face back home, how and why they had to leave their countries. The two stories became also part of the stories to be shared on occassion of 20 June 2016 European Action Day for Refugees of our campaign. Read the very moving personal stories:
My story as a refugee: Sara from Syria, My story as a refugee: Jihad from Palestine and Syria

The Movement`s activists group was trying to reach as many visitors as possible and also spread the message of the EYE and YO!Fest in social media. Through the No Hate Panda activities we succeed to reach the majority of the visitors and also get a viral social media echo on our campaign. Our group together with the No Hate Panda was even able to speak up at the closing plenary of the EYE&YO!Fest 2016 inside of the European Parliament. The Council of Europe`s Living Library was also a very successful part of the festival activities outside of the European Parliament. A detailled analysis of the social media interactions will follow soon.

In the special EYE&YO!Fest edition of th European Youth Press`Orange Magazine you find detailled articles also about the No Hate Speech Movement and our activities

We would like to say thank you to the European Parliament together with the European Youth Forum to make the EYE & YO!Fest possible. We thank to the Council of Europe`s Youth Department to accommodiate our team in walking distance to the European Parliament and support at all stages of preparation and on the spot. And a huge thank you is as always to all voluntary activists who made this EYE&YO!Fest2016 participation against to a big success for our Movement.

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About the EYE and YO!Fest
(YO as Youth Opinion = magazine of the European Youth Forum)

2014 the European Parliament – EP initiated an event connected to the EP elections 2014 to bring young people from all around Europe (EU and neighbouring countries) to exchange ideas in the heart of the European decision making to Strasbourg, France. The European Youth Event – EYE the biggest youth event with active participation of young people in Europe was born. In cooperation with the European (EU and neighbouring countries) representation of young people, the European Youth Forum – YFJ the annual YO!Fest (Youth Opinion – magazine of the YFJ) was also invited to take place together with the EYE (EYE activities inside, YO!Fest activities outside of the EP building). The YFJ is coordinating a group of youth organisations and youth groups in order to provide a youth led and youth friendly variety of activities in the EYE and YO!Fest.

2014 NHSM campaign consultant and facilitator Viktor Szabados initiated the first time the participation of the young people involved in the different levels of the campaign in the EYE/YO!Fest and became group leader. Exciting stand activities with inviting visitors to leave their message linked to the questions “Why to take action against hate speech? Because…” and workshops on combating hate speech including 2 representatives of Facebook were part of the 2014 participation with a group of 22 activists. Report of the EYE 2014: http://www.epgencms.europarl.europa.eu/cmsdata/upload/b9973083-b9de-4085-aa5e-39ce13bd2f25/21370-EYE_Report_EN.pdf

The European Youth Event – EYE 2016 is a unique opportunity for thousands of young Europeans to make their voices heard. During the event, young people will exchange ideas and perspectives on youth-related issues, develop innovative solutions to crucial questions for the future and meet with European decision-makers and speakers with a wide range of professional experience. As follow-up, a report with the ideas discussed during the event will be made available to all Members of the European Parliament. As well, former EYE participants will have the opportunity to present the most concrete ideas produced by young people to a number of parliamentary committees and receive feedbacks from EP members.

This post will be updated with new inputs and results of the EYE2016.

You can find more information on the EYE here:
EP http://www.europarl.europa.eu/european-youth-event/en/home/home.html

SOCIAL MEDIA info and materials EYE/YO!Fest 2016

Short prezi of the European Youth Forum about the EYE/YO!Fest 2016 (festival village of the European Youth Event) https://prezi.com/user/hprxfywupewa/

Twitter cover https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7ZH4nEEPmCaNjF6Z3M2SHk4eTQ/view?usp=sharing

Facebook cover https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7ZH4nEEPmCaOVRGa19OSnl4Y0E/view?usp=sharing

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EuropeanYouthEvent/

Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/164049063970173/

Twitter https://twitter.com/EP_YouthEvent

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ep_eye/


2014 looking back

NHSM stand and activities gallery https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.252965054891072.1073741838.118817804972465&type=3

interview with our guests from Facebook at the NHSM stand:

YO!TV Facebook at EYE 2014 from European Youth Forum on Vimeo.



insight into day zero – EYE2014

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