1 October, 2017

Photo contest ‘Religious Tolerance & Solidarity of Different Nations’

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6 pm

By Nelli Gishyan

The National Campaign Committee of the No Hate Speech Movement in Armenia, recently spread a call on Facebook for the 21st of September, Action Day.  The contest was about to present the topic of “Religious Tolerance & Solidarity of Different Nations” in a creative way and preferably having the message “Let`s start the conversation…” .

Prizes of the participants are prescribed below and they could win accordingly by the number of likes that their work (picture, composition, photo, song etc.) could get on Facebook.

  1. Participation in the 7-day “Human Rights against Hate Speech” educational program, that is going to be held in Italy in March 2018;
  2. Participation in the “Human Rights through Creative Work” youth exchange program that is going to be held in Georgia in December 2017;
  3. Participation in the three-day international course on “Information Security and Online Human Rights”  that is going to  be held in Armenia in the early 2018;
  4. Encouraging gifts from the National Campaign Committee of the NO HATE SPEECH MOVEMENT ARMENIA.

The results of the contest, such as certificates and awards, were held at the “Youth Events Holding Centre” SNGO.

Detailed information can be found at Facebook page of the NO HATE SPEECH MOVEMENT ARMENIA.

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