13 March, 2015


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Category: Play, Racism, Roma
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Throughout Europe, the Roma minority faces severe discrimination and other human rights violations. We created this exercise to let you learn about these – we used real-life examples here! This activity offers you two sets of cards. One set features articles (A) from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) as well as its Protocols (P). The other set includes real-life cases. Many Roma people face these problems in their everyday life, and state authorities often fail to help them, even though they are supposed to protect their citizens. Find out which human rights were violated in each case: first, click on the Article, then click on the cases connected to it. Note: there may be more than one case for some of the articles. Good luck! 🙂

This game is a variation of the Group X exercise that can be found in the Bookmarks Manual (on page 73, Council of Europe, 2013).


Group X

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