4 February, 2015

PLAY AND LEARN: Selected Exercises for Safer Internet

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Bookmarks frontpage

 SELECTED EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES FROM – BOOKMARKS, a manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education.


This educational publication provides some exellent exercises that provide learning oppoerunities for young people in relation to online safety, online privacy, internet literacy and cyberbullying. The competences that these exercises can develop can all contribute to a Safer Internet for all. The activists of the Movement have selected these exercises that are the most relevant to the focus of the European Action Day for Safer Internet. We receommend that you play one these exercises with a group of young people arond the Safer Internet Day (10 February 2015). You can play them in classroom in schools or anywhere else.


Confronting cyberbullying

This is an activity in which participants identify their likely response to various bullying scenarios – and discuss alternative courses of action. Find in Bookmarks on page 66.

Play it again

This activity is based on a role play: someone is drawn into an act of bullying because of peer pressure. Participants are asked to replay the scenario in order to achieve a different outcome. Find in Bookmarks on page 78.

Wear and share

Participants fill out a diagram to show their preferences in sharing particular information online and discuss ways of being more cautious when sharing personal information online. Find in Bookmarks on page 121.

You can also find the simplified online version of this exercise here.


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