13 March, 2015

PLAY AND LEARN: Web profiles

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Category: Play, Racism
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8 pm

Even though stereotypes are often misleading and even hurtful to people, we still use them. Can you name some of the stereotypes associated with different social groups? There are 2 types of cards in this game. One set includes the ones in CAPITAL letters, they describe people with a certain characteristic (e.g. ALLA (19) – LESBIAN). The other set features stereotypes which Internet users often associate with the attributes in the first group (e.g. “surely hates men”, “masculine”). For every CAPITAL letter card, there are two in lower-case letters. Your task is to match these cards with each other: first, click on the CAPITAL letter card, then click on the two lower-case ones which are often used to describe people belonging to that particular group. Good luck! 🙂 This game is a variation of the Web profiles activity of the Bookmarks MANUAL (Council of Europe, 2013).

Web profiles

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